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Security increased for Eugene Marathon

Apr 24, 2013 | 17 Comments

By The Associated Press

EUGENE — In light of the bombings in Boston, Eugene Marathon officials say they will step up security measures for this weekend's event, expected to attract more than 8,500 runners.

“It's something we have to do in the aftermath ... which really got us thinking about security,” race director Richard Maher said.

Participants can expect random bag checks. Runners will be quickly ushered through the finish chute at Hayward Field on the University of Oregon campus, the Eugene Register-Guard reported.

Those are among measures already in place that haven't been tightly enforced in previous races, said Eugene police Lt. Sam Kamkar.

Other measures: limiting pre-race shuttles to participants wearing event bibs, promptly towing vehicles parked in “no parking” areas, searching and removing unattended bags, and prohibiting re-entry into a participant-only area near the finish line.

“A large contingent” of officers from several departments will work the event, joined by members of the Oregon National Guard, Kamkar said.

Beyond that, police and marathon officials declined to discuss details of the safety plan.

It is the seventh year for the race. A 5-kilometer race and a separate “Kids Duck Dash” are planned for Saturday. The marathon and a half marathon begin at 7 a.m. Sunday.

In a prepared statement, marathon officials asked spectators and participants to serve as the event's “eyes and ears” and to call 911 to report suspicious activity.

The marathon's website encourages runners to put their hands over their hearts at the finish line as part of the race's effort to honor victims, runners and the city of Boston.


Information from: The Register-Guard,

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05:17 am - Sun, April 28 2013
happy slap said:
I'd hate to be the person doing the pre-start inspection of all those runners shoes. Talk about a choke point. Will there be a TSA advisor on hand to demonstrate any 'special protocol's required to facilitate the rapid whisking away of anyone overheard making statements such as----> Someone heard two bearded guys whispering something about wearing lucky shoes today?
05:26 am - Sun, April 28 2013
happy slap said:
If I've noticed anything peculiar over all the years I've watched major network televised newscast footage of terrorists, it has been that they tend to wear Adidas, more than any other line of sportswear.

Anyone else noticed that, too?
11:49 am - Fri, May 3 2013
Seabiscuit said:
"Anyone else noticed that, too?"

I think you need to get a different hobby! How about fishing? (Leave the TV at home.)
01:46 pm - Fri, May 3 2013
raft said:
" (Leave the TV at home.) "

I like to fish, fishings good. Is that what Homeland Security is now advising, to go fishing?
02:03 pm - Fri, May 3 2013
raft said:
Got me to think'n now, Seabiscuit. Perhaps, maybe, if Obama declared the Rio Grande a 'free fishing zone' and enough of us showed up with our fly rods, standing our ground side-by side, we might be able to staunch the flow of possible terrorists through-out our Southern border.

Just a thought. Do you have more?
02:25 pm - Fri, May 3 2013
Seabiscuit said:
" Do you have more?"
Not really. Homeland Security mentioned fishing but then got into a fight with the National Marine Fisheries. No one wants to share their fiefdom.

You go ahead and take the Rio (can't think of a darn thing I left there on my last visit) - just stay on the North side. The south side is not as friendly with "undocumented" fishermen (& fisherwomen) as we are in the U.S..

I'll take the Columbia at the border.
06:39 am - Sat, May 4 2013
troy prouty said:
amazing..."yes" I can fully understand the first thought of a terrorist would be the eugene marathon.. Sheesh..

11:50 pm - Sun, May 5 2013
Seabiscuit said:
What makes you 100% absolutely certain that someone, domestic - international - or a local just ticked off because his street is closed, would not target the marathon? Could it be that Eugene isn't important enough? Can't get enough TV coverage? U of O isn't a big enough target?

There have been a number of domestic terror attacks in Oregon, some attempted attacks and lots of damage. I'd rather they be prepared for all eventualities.
05:07 am - Mon, May 6 2013
troy prouty said:
Prepared yes, alert yes. but not ridiciulous. I'm not saying eugene isn't important enough. I'm saying Oregon isn't. wink.

05:13 am - Mon, May 6 2013
troy prouty said:
I also realize the first terrorist attack in the U.S. took place in Oregon in the Dalles. However I think it was a misunderstanding and they were just attempting to add flavor to the food. Those that critizcize this theory, obviously had never eaten there.

08:41 am - Mon, May 6 2013
raft said:
Glad I wasn't taking a sip of coffee when I'd read that.
11:32 am - Mon, May 6 2013
Seabiscuit said:
I didn't see anything in the article that would indicate they were going overboard or being ridiculous in the preparations or preventative actions being taken in Eugene.

Perhaps I could see some humor in your comments about The Dalles, but having family members involved in that and it causing them great distress and some large medical expenses, I don't see that humor.

Interesting that you should bring up The Dalles. However, that wasn't the first attack by that group. The first attack was a bio attack against two county commissioners at The Muddy near Antelope with water that had been spiked with a biological agent making both commissioners violently ill.

I find your culinary review of the cuisine in The Dalles quite enlightening.
*Do you have specific experience with a specific targeted restaurant?
*Perhaps it is experience at all ten (10) of the restaurants that were targeted that day?
*Perhaps just the general dining availabilities of any restaurant in The Dalles are lacking and need to "have flavor added to the food".

I'm not sure my cousins, who were hospitalized that day, would quite see the humor. I'll be seeing the one cousin that was poisoned that day and is still alive at a family reunion on Memorial Day. I'll be sure to ask her. On second thought, that subject is probably best left alone when around her.

04:53 am - Tue, May 7 2013
raft said:
Some might refer to that as gallows humor. A man I'd known but long dead now, had never seen the humor in Hogan's Hero's.

So, for you, Troy, which was it? Original or the Extra Spicy that had failed to hit the mark for you?
04:54 am - Tue, May 7 2013
troy prouty said:
posted "I find your culinary review of the cuisine in The Dalles quite enlightening."

Or you can invest in a good eating establishment and make good money there.

05:19 am - Tue, May 7 2013
troy prouty said:
"they tend to wear Adidas,"

Grrr.. Got to watch those Germans. Frist they cap their CEO salaries in so much % proportion to the avergae employee salaries. Now this.. I bet they also listen to Reinstein playing that "Amerika" song? Double Grrrr...

Another concern within any event taking place within community, especially one that has no clear cut arena where you purchase a ticket and go see. Is the application of Terry Stop vs Investigative stops. Much in the same way I brought issue to police acting on landlords behalf and where those rights can and can't be applied in the court of law. It also becomes a concern.

06:37 pm - Tue, May 7 2013
troy prouty said:
For example:

Obviouisly the difference between investigative and Terry is investigative would allow a person the right to leave. Terry is Seizure of one's person.

In courts an officer that believes they are investigating (like these gentleman) but are asserting authority through display of badges,uniforms and assertive language, can be found in direct violation of civil law, thus creating in my opinion a lawsuit directed at the city.. Or even at the landlord if acting on their behalf. Especially if things turn out ugly.

11:24 am - Wed, May 8 2013
Seabiscuit said:
An investigative stop occurs when a police officer briefly detains you because of a “reasonable suspicion,” based upon explainable, objective facts that you are engaged in criminal activity. A modest amount of suspicion is enough. Because an investigative stop is a “seizure” under the Fourth Amendment, it must be “reasonable.”
If you have been involved in an investigative “stop” or “frisk,” then your Fourth Amendment rights do apply. If a court decides that the police lacked the required “reasonable suspicion” to conduct a “stop” or a “frisk,” then incriminating evidence the police obtained as a result of those actions may not be admissible in court.

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