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Second-hand dealers ward off crackdown

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Michael Tubbs Sr

"Cash flow is our life-blood,"..."If we can't generate it, it becomes a hardship."

Any motivational speaker addressing a gathering of 'Pimp's might express his..or..her sentiments in the same manner, and obviously be correct in that assessment.


I agree with the dealers. We are sheep going to the slaughter. We let the TSA xray and grope us. We are now in a police state where almost everything we do requires an ID and scrutiny. Where does it stop. To me it has nothing to do with cash flow and everything to do with the American way of life that is almost gone.

We are with the government and we are here to help you. run

Michael Tubbs Sr


The concept apparently works well when it comes to putting a handle on the metal thieves. Have you heard of any complaints from the buyers/sellers of their stuff?

Or, is that somehow different from your perspective?


same deal mike. We are losing what we had. We are now neither safe or secure and it is mostly from our government. Search and seizure laws are just about gone. Government can now lock us up without a real reason. Where does it stop mike. What will it take for the citizens to wake up. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty.

Michael Tubbs Sr

Both Schnitzer of Portlant and Cherry City of Salem seem to be conducting their business just fine, though, the same concept may have put a bunch in the panties citizenry of 'CrackTown'

And even though I may agree with you that Oregon should be a right to work state, we gotta draw the line on that somewhere 'good buddy'. Doing so in McMinnville would be a good start!

Don't you think?

Michael Tubbs Sr

(a return of edit buttons would be nice, hopefully business will pick up so Jeb can afford to get'em back from the hock shop)


So I suppose you are also for what the tsa now does or maybe not if you do not fly. I guess you like the government to know every transaction you make, record everything you say or do. You might not have anything to hide and neither do I but I refuse to show id for everything I do. This is not china. I have even spent a night in jail because I was asked for my id for just walking down the street and I refused.

Maybe in McMinnville it would be a good start to not be a police state town.

whatdoya think.


oh and right to work is another subject and all states should be.

Michael Tubbs Sr

I'm think'n some laws and/or ordinances, as well as some methods employed to enforce them are a good thing, and some not so much. That's what I think. Do I agree with the manner/methods employed by the TSA? No! I do not, some of the TSA's methods are extremely questionable and on the the 'not so much side' category, from my perspective.

Do I think business's and/or vendors have some inherent constitutional right to profit made from/through the purchase and sale of yours or my stolen property?

NO!...I do not, not anymore than I believe a pimp working the streets of McMinnville is entitled to enjoy any amount of unimpeded profit through the proceeds of pandering/prostitution.


So punish everyone dealers included because of a couple. The article states there are some bad dealers so then go after them. Build a case against them. You can not convince me they do not know who they are.

Your pimp analogy with the pimp is a poor one. If you use that then the cops should suspect all men as being pimps and proceed accordingly. Like I said where does it stop. We and business's are run by people like me and you do have a constitutional right to run business with out playing cops or be impeded by onerous rules. We have a right to sell our stuff with out giving out our id and finger prints like we are a criminals. We have a right to walk down a street at night without being asked for id. again where does it stop.

Michael Tubbs Sr

Yes, yes there are I would imagine many more good-honest-business-people than bad.. Point taken, take care, Carl.


Hey imagine that, the constitution is sound to my ears! Stop getting involved in business that isnt yours.

A message to the Police, I hope you truly stand by your oath to defend the Constitution. Your job is not to invade the lives of people who violate policies created by federal government agencies.
If your not then your showing your true colors of corruption.

Instead you should be promoting gun sales, for people to defend them self, using here I say, the Constitutions Second Amendment. Which in turn would greatly reduce crimes in all categories.

If you are concerned about fighting REAL crime and tyranny , which you should be...remember the oath? You should be looking towards your government crime bosses who direct you to commit these crimes and violating their rights!

Michael Tubbs Sr


I'd suppose there is some merit to the argument that a blind man (under certain conditions) has a constitutional right to defend his-self with a hand grenade.


If the News Register's statement is correct, that the ordinance would allow police to search records "on demand," then it violates section 9 of the Oregon Constitution, the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution, hundreds of years of related case law, plus the legitimate rights of the people that the city council is supposed to be representing and protecting in the first place.

There are already fully legitimate ways of shutting down companies and people who deal in stolen goods. They just take work -- get evidence, witnesses and a warrant. Neither the city council nor the police have the authority to override the state and federal constitutions, and I'm very disturbed that they'd even consider doing so.


Michael- I would encourage a blind man to do whatever he wishes to defend himself. We live in a country where freedom and liberty is a must.
If you think much different then that. Move to China where your views are more accepted.
This idea we must give up our freedom for us to rely on someone to keep us safe is nonsense! it must stop now!
Remember the when the 14th amendment of the constitution was signed into effect?
Government agencies, yes including police did absolutly nothing after that when african americans were still getting killed and beat down.


Why do the police want a 25 day holding period? All they need to do is appoint one cop to check out the various stores every couple days.

They don't want to do their job, they want the dealers to do it for them while they collect revenue pulling honest people over for running yellow lights.

Michael Tubbs Sr

"This idea we must give up our freedom for us to rely on someone to keep us safe is nonsense! it must stop now!"


I agree, and wouldn't it be nice if we were free to reclaim our stolen property without first needing to jump through a series of legal hoops to do so?

I would suppose that most citizens in our country would prefer the freedom not to, don't you think?

Michael Tubbs Sr


I agree, perhaps a 30 day waiting period might be better, and why not assign the task to an unpaid police intern?



I would have to agree with you, a majority of citizens would like the freedom of not being forced to go into any type of legal situation. I believe the restrictions imposed upon the people are what created these situations, or people to steal. The theft of Metals is at an all time high.
Austerity, and Inflation are a major cause of this. So continue the bailouts, raising the debt ceiling , voting for establishment paid for puppets...And this will never stop, only get worse.
And not just here in Yamhill County this is all over the world. I believe this story is a distraction from the real issues we are facing.
In my opinion the police address a very poor and not very well thought out plan.

Michael Tubbs Sr

"Austerity, and inflation are a major cause of this. So continue the bailouts, raising the debt ceiling, voting for establishment paid puppets...And this will never stop, only get worse. And not just here in Yamhill County this is all over the world."


I agree, and not to drift too far off-topic, and not claiming to possess any extraordinary prophetic skills, all of those urban-warfare exercises being conducted in most all major U.S. cities from coast to coast, over the prior decade, were/are a harbinger of things to come.

The monetary system as designed will eventually collapse, and so will many of the rules by which society lives by. I think there will be much suffering and torment born among a great many people. That's what I think.

Forget milk. ...Got Seeds?

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