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Scotland Marred

Marcus Larson/News-RegisterMcMinnville linebacker Jesse Kinion (23) wraps up McKay running back Brandon Lao (20) during the Grizzlies  62-14 defeat of the Royal Scots in Friday night s Class 6A state play-in game at Wortman Stadium.
Marcus Larson/News-RegisterThe McMinnville football team comes together after its Class 6A state play-in victory over McKay Friday night.
Marcus Larson/News-RegisterDayton wide receiver Jarred Ashley (43) carries the ball during the Pirates  55-8 victory over Class 3A West Valley League foe Colton on Friday night at Gubser Field.

The McMinnville Grizzlies left nothing to chance in their Class 6A state play-in game against McKay on Friday.

Gage Gubrud completed 14 of 17 passes for 306 yards and five total touchdowns -- all in the first half -- and Zach Silver had 148 total yards and three touchdowns as the Grizzlies stifled the Royal Scots, 62-14, before an excited and soaked home crowd at Wortman Stadium.

McMinnville (6-4 overall) scored touchdowns on each of its first eight possessions while McKay (1-9 overall) committed two turnovers and struggled to gain traction.

Scots wide receiver Kris Williams caught a tipped pass and ran it in for a 50-yard touchdown in the second quarter to bring the score to 21-7, but the Grizzlies scored on their next possession and recovered a McKay fumble.

The Royal Scots struggled to prevent big plays, as three of McMinnville's touchdowns went for 30 yards or more.

"The line stepped up big," Silver said. "They had a great game. It was just nice all around."

The Grizzlies will travel to Oregon City to face the Pioneers on Nov. 8.

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Dayton 55, Colton 8

DAYTON -- The rain fell and the Pirates scored.

That was the only story left to tell after Dayton defeated Colton Friday night at Gubser Field, formally wrapping up the Class 3A West Valley League title.

"I'm proud of our guys tonight," Pirates coach Brodie Unger said. "Finishing the season undefeated is a very good thing, no matter how you look at it, and this week at practice they just approached things differently. They were focused, they were relaxed. The look in their eyes was just different."

Seven different Dayton players tallied eight touchdowns in the first half. Running back Tyler Clark scored on a short touchdown run minutes into the first quarter, then added a 25-yard touchdown run later. Jarred Ashley returned a pair of punts for Pirate touchdowns, one for 54 yards and another for 44 yards.

Later in the first quarter, Zach Spink blocked a punt that Chance Bowlin recovered in the end zone to give Dayton (9-0 overall, 6-0 West Valley) a 35-0 lead. 

After Bowlin's touchdown, Unger pulled his players in around him.

"I just told them to keep playing," he said. "I learned never to let the score dictate how we play. We're always playing hard, we're always playing tough no matter what else is going on."

Little changed in the second quarter. Pirates running back Connor Spivey scored on a 7-yard run, and Oscar Rosas picked up a fumble and returned it 27 yards for a touchdown. Minutes later, Chance Bowlin broke off a 15-yard run, bounced off a referee and recovered to score Dayton's final touchdown of the game.

"We've grown a lot since the beginning of the year," Unger said. "We're a better team, we're a family and we know what we're good at."

Colton finished in second place in the West Valley League with a 4-2 record (5-4 overall).

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Horizon Christian 55, Willamina 18

Willamina dropped to 0-6 in Class 3A West Valley League play (1-8 overall) with a defeat Friday night in Tualatin against the Hawks.

Gervais 28, Amity 14

The Warriors lost their third game in their past four outings in a road defeat at Gervais in Friday night's Class 3A West Valley League game. Amity drops to 3-5 overall and 2-4 in the West Valley League standings.

Sheridan 28, Corbett 18

Penalty after penalty wasn't enough to keep the Class 3A Spartans down Friday night.

Sheridan (2-6 overall, 2-4 Class 3A West Valley League) used a decisive second half to beat Class 2A Corbett (2-6 overall). Spartans coach Brice Ingram, however, thought the first half wasn't so smooth.

"We started out flat," Ingram said. "They scored on the third play of the game and we just weren't playing football. Finally, we settled down and started to play. I could say a lot of things, but we just didn't play football in the first half."

The score was tied, 6-6, at halftime. In the second half, Sheridan's Boone Meyer caught two touchdown passes to put the Spartans over the top.

"I'm proud of our kids," Ingram said. "I'm looking forward to next season."

St. Paul 62, Perrydale 38

Troy Trembly passed for 339 yards and three touchdowns, and Kellen Schwebs caught two touchdown passes and ran for another, but it wasn't enough for the Pirates on the road against Class 1A Casco League rival St. Paul on Friday night.

The Buckaroos (6-4, 4-0 Casco) scored 28 points in the second quarter and 20 points in the fourth quarter in clinching the Casco League title over Perrydale (5-4 overall, 3-1 Casco).



You know I'm REALLY disappointed in the News Register. It's great that the football team won their play-in game but the girls varsity team didn't have to get to the playoffs with a play in. They earned their birth by their record. And have not read anything about them. It just shows that boys sports in McMinnville are still treated as superior. SAD! Way to go girls you deserve the recognition. Hopefully someday you will have equality in reporting. The Lady Grizzly volleyball team who is playing Saturday night (11/2) in the second round of playoff at the High School at 6:00 would love to have your support!!!!! Come and cheer them on!!!


Its not just girls's any sport that isn't football.



Jeb Bladine

The McMinnville girls, and other area volleyball teams, have been subject of many stories and photographs, some of which appeared in the newspaper but not on the website. However, a search of the website archive reveals the broad cross-section of online stories. That's seen by typing "volleyball" into the search box at top-right of the website.

Jeb Bladine


Ok, Jeb I did that, typed in volleyball and the last story posted was from September. Its November now and we have played quite a few games since then. AND we made the playoffs without having to play a play-in game. Yet no headline.....???? All the football stories are posted immediately after the games. AND I dont have to type football into the search bar to find stories. I also get the paper. It would just be nice to have equal reporting for all sports!


If you type "volleyball" into our print archive, the default is the three-month period running 8/4 to 11/4. It turns up 35 articles, including one on Vicknair winning athlete of the week the week honors in early October and a long, detailed, bylined account of Mac's senior night match with Glencoe in mid-October.
The paper you get in the mail tomorrow, Tuesday, will include an account of Mac's loss to Sheldon. Unfortunately, Willamina also lost, so we have no teams left in volleyball, just football and soccer.
The fan base for football is much larger than that for volleyball, so some disparity is inevitable. We certainly take it seriously, though, and try to make sure it gets some attention.
My daughter played both club and scholastic volleyball all through high school, in addition to club and scholastic softball, and continued with softball in college. So both women's sports and volleyball are close to my heart. I've watched hundreds of volleyball matches.
We are doing our best to balance competing interests among a broad array of sports, both men's and women's, at seven high schools and a college. It's a challenge, but a challenge we take very seriously.
This last weekend, we had at least seven teams playing, that I can think of right off the top of my head, and I'm willing to bet I'm missing a few. We can't hit them all and give them all top play.
Steve Bagwell, managing editor

Jeb Bladine

I should have included more information about searching our archives ... apologies for that. There are two different ways to search, with different display results.
1. The "fill-in" Search box at top-right searches only our website articles. Results are displayed in "relevancy" order, which is not wholly chronological.
In this case, stories with "Volleyball" in the headline appear first. Next comes a set of stories the system identifies with strong volleyball focus throughout. Finally, all other stories -- chronologically -- with volleyball anywhere in the text
That kind of search result can be handy in some situations. I'm not a huge fan of it. But it's how our website search system works, and we can't easily change it.
2. Beneath the Search box there is a link to "search newspaper articles." That opens an archive of almost 140,000 articles that have appeared in the print News-Register since January 1999. Those search results can be displayed in full chronological order, or in a relevancy order.
Just as McMinnville will tend to get more sports coverage than, say, Amity because of its much larger readership base, football tends to get more coverage than some sports because it usually involves so many more players, coaches, families and fan base. Having said that, I would invite a fair comparison of the diversity of overall News-Register sports coverage with most any community newspaper I see, anywhere.
At any rate, I appreciate the comments. It's always good for us to hear how different people respond to the content of the newspaper and its website.
Jeb Bladine

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