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Salem police: man playing with gun shoots own TV

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Perfect example of a person that shouldn't own guns. Guns don't kill people, stupid people with guns kill people


Who among us hasn't entertained the fantasy of doing the same thing?


Not shooting into your neighbor's house, but the first part.


I admit it, I've wanted to shoot the TV... When teenage boys sit on their butts playing playstation and expect the world to serve them.


I admit i have used a laser scope for the dog to chase. But i also detached the scope from the gun. If you have a gun you need to know proper safety and handling of it. This right here is why people look at taking guns away from responsible owners. THEY ARE NOT TOYS EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.
Silencedogood i can relate ;)

skull crusher

Funniest story I have read here in a long time! (except for the bullet going into others homes) Silencedogood, I have the same problem with the idiots in my house playing the PS3!

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