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Salem mom sentenced for allowing daughter to strip

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The mother acted irresponsibly of course, but anyone ever trying to raise a teenage daughter in this day knows how hard it can be. Lots of girls think and need to prove they are women are very young ages. The legal system gives us very little help in keeping them in line. In this story the minor that was stripping has been a mother for two years and is no innocent victim. The mother is an excon and would not stand a chance in a trial and had to plead to get what she could get. It is a waste of money and lives for the sake of the government's own shortfall but still having to appear the good guy. I never trust my government.

Live and let Live

If you want to give your kid money, you don't do it while they are sripping, since she reported her anyway (probably because she feared getting caught) she should have done that in the first place and just used tough love to teach her daughter a lesson - by giving her money in that situation it just encouraged her.


I doubt many would disagree what "mom" did was completely wrong, but 3 years in prison for giving her naughty daughter lunch money??? No wonder our state's economy is in the toilet. The girl is now 18 and obviously was going to make her singles whether mom agreed or not.

They should have given mom a ton of community service instead of wasting taxpayer dollars just so a few self serving attorneys and politicians can feel good about themselves.

skull crusher

A kid is gonna do what a kid is gonna do! This "kid" had a kid of her own. The mom shouldn't be held responsible! Total injustice!


Randude, a pregnant 15 year old IS A VICTIM. That she lost her innocence is not her fault. DM, the mom was not convicted for giving her daughter lunch money but for lying to the police about her own involvement. This mother knew what was going on long before she reported the strip club and then pretended she had only just found out about it. She is a documented liar so don't accept her word for what happened. It is possible the mother had way more involvement than what is reported in the papers. Why the rush to judge the only-just-turned-18-year-old? We, as a society, are at least 4 years too late stepping in on this situation. Underage girls being used for sex are victims. Skull Crusher, kids do not have the right to sell themselves for sex, not even if they have a kid of their own. They do not stop being victims after they lose their virginity. Oregon law makes it a crime to use a minor for sexual gratification. Why is everyone blaming the girl? Seriously, wake up!


Burn a church to the ground and your sentenced to less time, even much less for a rape and supplying the minor with liquor. Go figure?

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