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S. Oregon sheriff: No new taxes means very little law

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The sheriff speaks on a threatening note to those that are prepared to defend themselves having the burden or proving reasonable force... Maybe the police should have to be called into question everytime they use force to determine if it was reasonable. Use an outside body, not just a bunch of good old boys in uniform. He is basically blackmailing and threatening a community with a work slow down and criminal prosecution to get funding for his project. I wish I had that kind of muscle to use on my projects. That is the problem with the police. They have too much power and power corrupts. They are use to having a huge advantage wherever they go and fear losing it. They do not want us to have guns, dogs or any kind of organized militia. They want to keep the monopoly the way it is. His rhetoric violates everything this country stands for and he uses to protection of law to defend it. Kind of reminds me a bit of communism.

Pepper Jelly

exactly...when you curtail or cut their purse strings the first two things they throw out there is your personal safety and/or use the "it's for the children" cards....there are monies elsewhere in the county that could be used for law enforcement, not to mention waste and providing so many handouts (section 8 housing, food stamps, wic, state health care, etc), monies that could be better used elsewhere. too many people (i know first hand) out there receive benefits that are not in true need, many make a lifestyle out it, never to look for employment or better themselves in any way whatsoever.


He's a worker, not the one that determines where monies get divided up to. I agree Pepper Jelly that there is a ton of waste, but it seems that his message was one of sincere concerns.


The title of this article should have been---> S. Oregon Sheriff: No new taxes means very little law enforcement.

There will be no shortage of law, at least not as long as lawyers keep getting elected.


I agree. Cut the fraud/abuse out of the welfare system first. That's where the waste is.
You can't tax your way out of a recession. Ask California how that's working out for them.
In the meantime, pass a "stand your ground" law, arm yourself and provide your own law enforcement for you and your family.


The right of the people to keep and bear arms... Turns out our founding fathers were pretty smart men after all.


Is there any reason why the Sheriff can't deputize an all volunteer citizen militia in order to enforce the more basic laws enacted to protect the greater good of the community?

Would there be any problem with that beyond upsetting some service union representative?


That sounds like a good idea to me, Mike.


Money waste. I believe in having a police force, but I also believe in weeding out bad officers so the force is a good, moral, and lawful force.

The position for ASSISTANT to the attorney general is open, pay? $10,500+ per MONTH. There is your waste. Until we demand that this ludicrous pay stops we will continue to see the programs that weneed fail, like public safety, schools, and programs for those who NEED them.

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