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Ruby Tuesday robbed Sunday night

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Bloods and crips working together, what a sorry state of our economy. Glad no one was hurt.


God forbid the robbers, ,wearing their hoodies, enter another establishment with ill intent and someone shoots them in self defense. The shooter will be branded a racist.
The majority of robbery/assault crimes committed by Latinos involves wearing hoodies. Zimmerman is a Latino. I don't blame him for having red flags over someone wearing a hoodie.


maybe the brain trust will shut down restaurants in town in order to stop crime


Someone WAS hurt!


Sorry H., I guess I should have said "good thing the employee was not shot, raped, stabbed, or worse.".
I felt the phrase minor injury meant.... minor injury. Like when you stub a toe on the bed post in the middle of the night, you know, minor.

I will try to be more clear next time.

troy prouty

How much money did they get?

I want to know if their consequences was worth the effort for them. I think it's important to understand just want people are sacrifcing their life for.

I remember in China Town in Seattle 1983 I believe that three people robbed an underground casino expecting to get $100,000 or so. They kiled 14 people and got about $10,000 not even enough for one of them to pay off their own personal debt to the casino. AND.. guess here we are 2012 and they are in prison for $10,000.00 dvide that by three and you have $3,300 (roughly) and now divide that by to date about 30 years (not there yet but close) Each individual in prison so far has spent time in prison for robbing someone that amounts to about $110.00 per year and before it is over it will probably be more like $20.00 per year.

So you robbed a place so you could get this much money in order to sacrifice this much of life in the future all while causing harms to others who had no part in your issues?

Troy Prouty*

Algún día comprenderá el valor de la vida


Not all hoodie wearers commit the same actions. For saying that it shows you would have made the same mistake Zimmerman did to believe a young man wearing a hoodie is suspicious. For the record, Zimmerman is not Latino. He doesn't claim to be either. His father and attorney claim that he is, only to build a case for people not be able to say he is racist against colored people.

I hope the employee is ok, and he can recover mentally and physically from his negative experience. I also would like the see these two suspects found and arrested. I don't really believe this was a gang related crime. It's really hard to believe rival gangs are willing to commit a crime together.


Why do you assume the employee was a he??? In fact it was a woman


My mistake. I hope SHE is ok.


"For the record, Zimmerman is not Latino" And Obama isn't considered our first black president. Of course they weren't rival gangs. Manup made that comment due to the fact that one was wearing a red bandana, the other blue. Go do some research on the history of the Bloods and Crips.

You're absolutely entitled to you opinion this wasn't gang related, however two Hispanic males commiting armed robbery in Mac makes me think they weren't out looking for lunch money.


I can do research on Bloods and Crips all I want, but all I will read about is African-American gangs. If I want to know more about Hispanic gang members who wear red or blue rags. I'll look up Nortenos and Surenos.

The Los Angeles (LA)-based Bloods and Crips are probably the most widely recognized gangs in America due to the media exposure received in the 1980's. These groups have migrated throughout the country and are seen in most states and their prison populations. There are literally hundreds of sets or individual gangs under the main Blood and Crip names. They are no longer racially specific.
Membership: Most Crip street gang members are between the ages of 12-24 years. The average age is 17-18. Most members are Black but Whites and Hispanics are known to be members of Crips sets in various parts of the United States.

Again, my comment about Bloods and Crips was in reference to Manup's comment that they were now working together. Not gonna happen.


raindrop: "God forbid the robbers, ,wearing their hoodies, enter another establishment with ill intent and someone shoots them in self defense. The shooter will be branded a racist."

I think if you are being robbed it would understandable that you defend yourself, however some people see a hispanic or black person and more so with a hoodie and ASSUME they are criminals - THAT is being racist.

I work with a lot of people who are Mexican and I can say most of them are hard-working, respectful people ---- who just happen to wear hoodies to work to protect themselves from the elements. Profiling is wrong!


Part of what's wrong with situations taking bad turns (race wars) is ignorant people saying ignorant things. Before ridiculous rants, take a deep breath and put a little intelligent thought into what you're going to say.


There is no comparision to the Zimmerman case here...

2 people beat and robbed this young woman, without any remorse. I don't care if they are white, black, brown.. they need to be found and put away. You can't put a price on emotional scars that this woman will have for years to come....

Michael Tubbs Sr

I agree.


OK, to clear things up- my original comment was specifically a poke at the gang issues that Oregon is facing. Growing up in California I was surrounded by gangs. Anyone who had this type of upbringing would recognize my sarcasm as just that, sarcasm.

Now, all this hatred towards the all American wonder that is the hoodie just needs to stop. A hoodie is not responsible for the ignorance or actions of it's wearer. Stop the hate folks, try one, you'll really like it. I suggest the zippered ones as you don't get that trapped in feeling the unzipped ones can give you.


He's right. I bought one at the Linfield clearance sale yesterday!

skull crusher


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