Rosemari Davis - Hospital provides charity care

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You say they help you with financial matters with your bill, that's a bunch of crap! I have never been given any kind of asssitance when I have asked or then never offered any payment plans! they do NOT work with the patients about those parts of the healthcare. It really makes me mad when you get a few nice letters and you think you are all that, what about all your complaints and the people who have been injured or died while in your care?


"But what really matters is not what we charge..."? Well, it really matters to me and countless other people. Why would I pay $15,000 more for a procedure at your hospital? Did I just fall off the turnip truck? Here's another point to ponder: the arduous, clunky check-in experience. If someone has two procedures a few days apart, the admissions clerk asks, "Do you still reside at ______________?" Not exactly streamlined. Plus Jay's comment above is factual. Terribly frustrating.


I'm on Medicare and recently had a number of ex-rays. Medicare paid 10 cents on the dollar and I have never received another bill. There are bigger issues in our country than what the hospital charges. More recently yet, I was treated in Emergency for an motorcycle accident. They thought I had no insurance and I was offered 50-60% reduction which I think is often the Medicare price (although the 10 cents was way below that). But I'm on Medicare so we shall see how it comes out. I will agree that billing is the weak link. My treatment was superb. I actually told them the day was "fun." Pain pills do wonders, but that wasn't all of it. They were very nice, caring, and worked to make the time go as fast as possible. It was beyond the call of duty, no matter how many times I had to explain how I fell off a motorcycle.


Take me to Providence -

I have good insurance.
It never fails, after any procedure at WVMC - The day after, expect a call from the billing department 'When do you plan to pay your bill.'
I have to say "When I get it,' and after I know what my insurance is going to pay."

I think it's pretty simple - we all want a hospital we can trust, and feel like we are receiving the best care possible, at a price that isn't astronomical that it makes a person feel they need to go somewhere else.


I have never known of a hospital with a worse reputation for poor service and exceedingly high costs. The article was a PR stunt.


The most factual comment of the entire article was, "Hospital charges are very confusing", It is amazing how the "add-ons (would you like an aspirin?)" that are pushed increase the costs tremendously.


My husband & I will never go to UVMC again, unless it is such a dire emergency that we can't make the drive the Newberg or Salem. Last year, my husband went there for an emergency procedure. We were in the hospital less than 12 hours. We received the surgeon's bill, the anesthesiologist's bill and one other (I can't remember what it was for) and thought the amounts were reasonable. Then we received the hospital bill. We were outraged. It was about $28,000 for less than 12 hours there. And, it's not as if we had someone in the room with us the entire time. In recovery, I actually had to track down someone to help my husband get to the bathroom. He kept pressing the call button with no response. I'm so glad I turned the nurse down when she asked if I wanted something to eat. I can only imagine how much that would have cost us!


their billing and record keeping stinks. They have screwed up the wife's records and billed us for someone else's bill and sent sensitive records of another patient, messed up on billing between the primary and secondary ins., and the calls from someone back east instead of someone local to harass you for payment before the ins. issue they screwed up on was straightened out. I hope the next emergency will afford enough time to go to Newberg or Tualatin for care.
PR is all the article can be.


I find it strangely amusing that Rosemari Davis was so quick to defend WVMC's reputation. In my opinion Oregon Health Authority hit the nail on the head when they stated that WVMC is one of the least charitable hospitals in Oregon. I once wrote Ms. Davis a letter in 2010 asking about their policy for giving discounts (however small) if paying a large medical bill in full. She never responded. So this new revelation is not news to me. In my opinion her lack of response was inexcusable and unprofessional. Ms. Davis may be a respected and well-known community leader, but she lost my respect in 2010.


As director of marketing at Willamette Valley Medical Center I appreciate reading these comments. Thank you for sharing your concerns. We work hard to make every patient experience a positive one, but we know that there are times when things don't work out the way you would like. Billing problems can be particularly frustrating. And, Hope, I'm sorry you did not get a response from Rosemari when you wrote in 2010. She usually pays careful attention to those letters.

May I invite each of you to email Rosemari directly at Rosemari.Davis@CapellaHealth.com to express any of your frustrations or concerns. Feel free to cc: me at Dan.Hinmon@CapellaHealth.com as well. We will work to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible.


Mr. Hinmon. Thank you for your comments. I would like to clarify the facts. I did not have a billing problem with WVMC. Nor did I have a problem with the care received. I simply inquired as to a discount for paying a large bill in full immediately after receiving the initial statement. The billing office was not helpful and I was told they do not give discounts at all. That is when I decided to send a letter to Ms. Davis. I was also receiving bills for the same episode of care from OHSU as well as multiple Medical Providers at OHSU. After no response from Ms. Davis I paid the bill in full within 30 days. However, I would like to state that it makes good sense from a business perspective to work with people who are willing to pay a large bill in full. This is something WVMC should consider if they wish to maintain the loyalty of long-time residents. In light of the recent Oregon Health Authority article, I guess it was rather naïve of me to expect a discount or a response from Ms. Davis.


It does seem strange and almost illegal/unethical for a hospital to charge maximum to insurance companies (which we all pay) and then charge a different price (for the exact same product/procedure) for different individuals. I wonder if this dual pricing would work at Walmart? Or, Toyota? Or, the IRS?


Thanks for the clarification, Hope. Again, I am sorry that you were disappointed in the response you got. Please feel free to email me or Rosemari if you run into any difficulties in the future.

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