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Romney-Ryan best for future American dream

Four years ago, we thought Barack Obama could help break the nation's political deadlock ... We were wrong

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So your main point is that because of partisanship and because of “ the deadlock and malice that has marred our political landscape" we need to vote for Romney-Ryan.

This means during the next legislative session if the leaders of the Democratic Party announce that their one and only priority it to make Romney a one term president. Then proceed to filibuster, vote down, and effectively bring the Congress to it's knees we will then need to vote for the Democratic nominee.


Anti-government Republicans think if they vote for the richest guy, that they'll get rich too (bahahaha!). Actually, most Americans have a better chance of improving their financial situation under Democratic admininstrations....look at U.S. history. Also, if you like no regulations, small gov; then you won't mind more instances of getting a little meningitis w/ your expensive steroid inj., pollution in your air and water. Who's going to pay for Romney/Ryan's increased defense budget (yes, folks, more desert wars on the way!) while they give even more tax breaks to the wealthiest few?? Yep, the middle class.....or we have to jeopardize all those "evil" government programs like PERS pensions, farm subsidies, Head Start just to begin with....then watch out Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. If congress is led by Democrats in the House and Senate, then Romney/Ryan's fiscal plans might be kept in check...but back to your "gridlock". Obama/Biden 2012


I feel many Obama supporters in 2008 are having buyer's remorse. Think about this for a minute; if you voted for Obama in 2008, you voted for a person who had zero years of experience managing a business, zero years of experience as an executive in government, and only minimal experience as a state and federal senator. If you had millions of your own money, would you trust it to a person with his experience? In my opinion, you got what you voted for. Obama is a great speaker and likable, but he is no administrator. He had total control of the government for his first two years and managed to cause nothing but hate and discontent. In four years he has not managed to have a single budget pass the senate. His last submitted budget received not a single yes vote from R's or D's. Our unemployment has remained very high, our debt has raised by 5 trillion, and more people are on food stamps and in poverty since he was elected. What do you expect when we as voters voted for a person who was, by any measure not fit or prepared to lead the largest economy in the world. I for one did not vote for him in 2008 and will not in 2012. People need to vote for reasons other than to be part of history.


@tapdinmac - Wow, a little bitter are we? The candidate just happens to be rich. The richest was not chosen as a strategy. The candidate is also an extremely generous man in his personal life and has done some very good things in the state of Massachusetts and the country. He is presidential and articulate and can begin to heal this divided country. Private sector is not a bad thing and maybe it's time to get responsible and get this country back in order financially. Your president (POS) is a disaster and you'll find out you're in the minority when he's voted out of office in 16 days. A lot of people bit off on the Hope and Change he was spewing in his last election. He's an embarrassment, has no experience doing anything and somehow conned his way into office. Foreign affairs? Fiscal responsibility? Have we had a budget since he's been in office? He's nothing more than an entertainer who has been throwing our money at lost causes and has not been taking the job seriously. It's time for him to go. Refer to the comments above by retiredbs who stated the facts very well.

Dances with Redwoods

"It's time for him to go."

I agree.

Don Dix

tapdinmac wrote -- "Anti-government Republicans think if they vote for the richest guy, that they'll get rich too (bahahaha!). Actually, most Americans have a better chance of improving their financial situation under Democratic admininstrations....look at U.S. history."

Do you really believe the average American has improved his/her financial situation in the last 4 years? Didn't think so.

But some did quite well financially. U.S. history since 2008 -- When Obama took office, his net worth was something near $1.3 M. Today his net worth is over $11M.

It appears Americans settled for hope, and Obama kept the change. ;)


Seriously?? Four years ago, President Bush was pleading with congress to issue a massive bailout (TARP) to save the American economy from literally falling off a cliff!! Economists generally agree that our great recession was caused by deregulation of the housing/ lending industry....that went from boom to bust; caused by eight years of a Republican administration ignoring complete corruption and deceptive practices. After Obama was elected, he had a congressional majority for only 72 days. Then it was obstruction/ filibusters from then is amazing the Democrats were able to accomplish anything! The list is long.....


@tapdinmac - You're right, there is enough blame to go around on both sides but don't even think about blaming the housing collapse on Bush since it all started under Clinton when they were recklessly handing out mortgages and loans to people who were in no way able to handle them or were truly qualified for them. (Dodd/Frank) Try reading 'Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed and Corruption Created the Worst Financial Crisis of our Time'.

And how much money does GM still owe this country from their 'bailout'? Try $35 billion. Solyndra debacle and on and on and on . . .

It's time to quit the blaming and finger pointing and work toward a positive solution for all Americans. The next generations are stuck with paying for something they didn't create.


We agree, "It's time to quit blaming and finger pointing and work toward a positive solution for all Americans" ! My suggestions include quit watching cable "news" programs and listening to inflammatory biased talk radio. Most of the content is polluted (non-factual). Corporations paying wealthy spokesmen/women to convince the middle-class listeners to blame all our problems on the poor. Sadly, ones religious beliefs are also being used as a corporate tool to control the electorate to retain power. I feel that a Romney/Ryan administration will only exacerbate the intense partisanship not tame it.



You said, "I feel that a Romney/Ryan administration will only exacerbate the intense partisanship not tame it".

Isn't that exactly what happened during the Obama Administration? I really doubt that either party has the answer. The whole vote centers on whether a person believes in bigger government roles for individuals, or smaller roles and more reliance on the individual's efforts.


I'm voting for Hank Williams Jr.


Neither Romney nor Ryan has revealed what will be in their tax plan to reduce the size of government except that there will be historic tax cuts for the wealthiest. In interviews, they have not admitted or denied specifics such as: removal of the mortgage interest deduction, child deductions or earned income deductions that many Americans rely on to reduce their tax bill. They refer to these as loopholes...say what?? What about reducing that deficit? Plutocracy here we come......make Limbaugh and company happy. I'll be voting for fairness:Obama 2012.


Tapdinmac, you really should watch the debates before commenting. Or if you did watch the debates, start telling the truth! On several occasions Romney has said he would be in favor of a cap on deductions, ie $25k or $30k and you as the filer would choose what you would deduct. He also said the deductions for the wealthy would not be increased. I see the incredible divide of our political system which exists today a direct result of the far right and the far left. We need to be governed by the center and in my opinion, economic issues are the first priority. Because if you are not working and are hungry, losing your home, or going further in debt, side issues don't really matter!

Don Dix


If most economists agree that the recession was caused by deregulation of the mortgage industry, then you must also consider when that action occurred.

Robert Rubin, then Sec. of Treasury, lobbied hard and long for Clinton to sign a partial repeal of Glass-Steagall. Clinton signed in 1999, and not so coincidently Rubin was soon named chairman of Citigroup. Does this raise any questions? Ethics? Insider knowledge? Paybacks for favors?

In my opinion Bush was a total dufus, but he and the Reps did not start the ball rolling. Blaming everything on Bush seems to be a common liberal mantra, but it in no way refutes the facts surrounding the housing bubble collapse.

retiredbs has it correct -- we need to be governed by and from the center. Neither Obama nor Romney is even close -- and under those circumstances, their respective party would immediately find them a comfortable seat -- under the bus.


tapdinmac, regardless of who started it and who kept it going long enough to put us into this mess I can't help but think that Obama's "cash for clunkers", "Solyndra", 16 trillion in debt, 2 years of Democratic control of the
WH and both congress and the senate yielded no budgets, laws that were passed before anyone knew what was in them, Harry and Nancy spending our money flying around the world in Air Force jets while condemning private businessmen for doing that with their own money and so much corruption from the AG and DOJ is is unbelievable how anyone could want more! Now we have the "peacemaker" Obama taking credit for winning (?) a war Bush actually won and his continued use of weapons of destruction that is killing our service men and women while they are only trying to stay alive until Obama's announced day of retreat and defeat. Add to that the Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers and other post terriorists who have never held a private sector job and you want more? A guy who has no real world experience and has embarrassed the US in front of the whole world as the terrorists are reloading and coming back for another piece of us. What a world this will be if he is given 4 more years. The least it will cause us is to be Greece II if we are left anything at all. Why can't we drill as we are paying Hugo Chavez to drill? Why is gas so high? Go ahead and vote but try and use some simple history before you fill in the block.


"nuffsaid", You may enjoy expanding your horizons and getting your "news" from a source other than cable's FOX. Several of your parroted talking points are redundant at best and nonfactual at worst.....yawn.....Obama2012 !


@ tapdinmac - Your lectures are becoming boring. It's your choice to vote for the POS again and it's our choice not to. Unfortunately, the mess he's made and the division he's caused is going to take a long time to clean up.

skull crusher

Romney is a douche! A newspaper should stay impartial in my opinion!

Dances with Redwoods

And your opinion of Obama would be?

I don't believe you'll see it being adopted as a campaign slogan anytime soon, but, Just maybe, you're on to something skull crusher. Maybe that's just what this country needs, a good douching!

So, I agree, vote for Mitt Romney, and let's get that job done.


I will NEVER vote for Romney! I can't even imagine why ANY woman would vote for him! Personally, I would vote for Jill Stein, but I know that would be a waste of my vote. So I'm voting for Obama again.

Dances with Redwoods

NewYorkerAt heart,

My mother intends to vote for Romney, pray tell, why she shouldn't?

Dances with Redwoods

Please, by all means and logic, make your case.


Dances with Redwoods: Is your mother still in her child-bearing years? Probably not. So if she were raped, she wouldn't be forced to carry a rapist's child to term. That's what Romney would like to do. Force a woman who was raped to carry her rapist's child. There are already enough unwanted children in the world, but let's have a few more. Can you imagine raising a child that grows up to look like the man who raped you? Let's torture the survivors of rape just a little bit more by forcing unwanted children into their arms.

Dances with Redwoods


I am incapable of imagining more than a few things, but in what you are insinuating I don't believe would become reality anymore than it already is.


No matter what, just make sure you vote!


tapdinmac and others talking about the gridlock in Washington,
Now who is really stopping all legislation in Congress? Look again, it's the Harry Reid Senate who is not bringing up any legislation he or the President do not agree with. There have been several pieces of legislation coming out of the House that would have passed with bipartison support but they were not on Harry Reids agenda so they were not put on the calendar to be voted on. If you don't believe me look at the Congressional Record!
Harry Reid is the True blocker of legislation out of the current Congress!


So according to your paper. The only people that can get it us out of this belongs to the two parties that got us in the mess?

Interesting concept.

I have better one. Try something diffferent...

You do realize that Greed is destroying our Country and there is no better representation of it than the wealthy, (yet to be fair) it persist among most Americans these days. You have this huge wealth inequality (not even addressed during this election) we speak of unemployment, but let's be honest. People employed aren't making it, because the CEO's are... I don't think Obama, Romney will fix it. You have 10% with 80% of assets. This means you have 90% frankly not developing assets, but more than likely paying interest off of debt that the 10% own... Not good.. In fact... devasting and not sustainable.

Choose what you want. But you have a choice to continue to enable and be a part of the problem, or do something totally different and become the solution.

Troy Prouty*

Dances with Redwoods

" something totally different and become the solution."

At this point in the current process what do you suggest, Troy?


I would suggest that Americans refuse to vote Democrat or Republican for 4 years and let other people take control. You may not be able to eliminate all of K-Street.. But I think K street and the wealthy that feed them.. Is the biggest problems and those two groups (above) or on the take from them.. You get rid of those two groups, you start at getting a real solution.

There isn't any developed democracy in the World that has less than three equally funded parties with influence in government except us. Most have 4, Belgium has 7 parties. For the land of the "Free" it really doesn't offer much. It certainly doesn't offer social economic mobility, (we are last there also).. So we can keep enabling..and complain about the results of our own failure.. Or progress like so many other Countries are starting to do.

Troy Prouty*


Can I sell you some ocean front property in Arizona, "NewYorkerAtHeart" ?

Because obviously the Democrats and Republicans and those that Finance them have done a Great Job of manipulating our cognitive thoughts to think unless we vote for one of two.. it's a "wasted vote" Ever wonder where that came from? why we believe it and who advertises that belief?

the mind...all powerful... and yet... so fragile to be influenced by forces it can't even understand.

troy prouty*


Tap brought this up " filibusters"

I want to show you how ineffective Democrats and Republicans have become. Both parties agree Filibusters should be abolished from law, "they are bad for our system" heck the U.K. did away with them a long time ago.. AND yet here is two groups of people agreeing that something is not good and yet it remains. So even when they agree nothing gets done.

I refuse to be manipulated. I'm smart enough to realize you need to earn your position, not have it given to you. A long time ago I learned this

"A reasonable man adapts himself to the world, the unresonable man persist on adapting the world to himself, therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man" Mark Twain understood that in order for change to happen, you had to not be a "yes" person, and instead of think for yourself. It is why blacks have equal rights, woman have a right to vote and why we have the U.S, instead of being a part of Britain.

You can take what they feed you, but I would rather check to make sure it isn't poison, myself I would rather look for something I find more enjoying to eat....

Troy Prouty*

David Bates

Four years ago, I refused to vote for Barack Obama because I knew he would be as terrible as he turned out to be. The choices this time around have hardly improved; Democrats and Republicans have failed spectacularly in talking seriously about the economic and social crisis in the United States, much less the damage our "way of life" has inflicted upon the planet. Voters would do well to reject them both, and also to recall the observation by the late George Carlin that to enjoy the American dream, you must be asleep.

Dances with Redwoods

Someone will be elected, that is a certainty.

Dances with Redwoods

David, do me a favor would you, if you're going to let your vote go to waste and not vote for either candidate, please, again if you would, allow me to use it by writing in Phil O. Bladine on my behalf.

Thank you.

Phil O. Bladine

Appreciate the support, Tubbs. Unfortunately my age restricts me from qualifying for the presidential seat, but it's never to early to start getting votes for Bladine 2020.

Dances with Redwoods

You're welcome, Mr.Bladine.


Michael Tubbs Sr
Grand Ronde, OR


The difference between my opinion and yours about wasted vote.

I think if you vote for one of the two groups, you are basically shooting yourself in the foot and enabling them to get worse, because they understand they don't have to be approved by the people or do anything for acceptance because they are similar, they only have beat the other one - that to me is a wasted vote, because you enable their bad behavior. (by saying it's okay).. when it isn't.

It is like going out to dinner and having only two things on the entire menu and both of those things are red meat, so you select one and then die from clogged arteries because it was all you ever had on the menu. You could have went next door, you just chose not too..

so.. my question to you is when is it time to not vote for for those two groups?

I mean wealth inequality is at it's High.... you have a 15% poverty rate, you have a 35% beneath standard living rate. we are last among healthcare of all developed democracies in life expectancy (spending the most - oh joy).. You spend the most on education and are in the middle. Have the most crime (once again spend the most), spend the most on politics (least choices of all of them), your debt to GNP is getting worse.. When is the time? When 3% own what .. 98% and the rest live in starvation? This is serious..

You can't tell me Romney has a plan. cutting taxes and services why increasing spending is not a plan.. It didn't work for Reagan.. and it won't work here. Obama fyi.. Only increased spending 1.4% in 4 years combined. The lowest.. I'm not saying any increase is good, but its below inflation with two inherited wars and a recession. Nobody.. Not even my choice could probably do much better. Borrowing? Probably not the best.. not my solution. I would have asked the wealthy to contribute long ago on Captial gains.

Troy Prouty*

Think First

Congratulations Newsregister your endorsement of Romney and Ryan, two of the most dishonest, disingenuous and disconnected people to ever run for the office of President and Vice President, has gotten me to read this paper in print or online for the last time. If you're willing to stand by those two it tells me your willing to stand by liars, bigots and womanizers. Bye, Bye Newsregister.


Good man Troy! Thats what I'm talking about! Bring it!!!


What? What do you mean I need to pay capitol gains... Does this mean We will need to eat boxed chicken tonight dad, like the other people do?


posted "Congratulations Newsregister your endorsement of Romney and Ryan, two of the most dishonest, disingenuous and disconnected people to ever run for the office of President and Vice President, has gotten me to read this paper in print or online for the last time. If you're willing to stand by those two it tells me your willing to stand by liars, bigots and womanizers. Bye, Bye Newsregister."


Here is the deal about small business including the News Register. They don't have a lot of places to turn, they are struggling to survive, like many people.

What people have a hard time understanding is how difficult it is to survive when you pay not only your taxes, but higher taxes because someone else refuses to or can't afford it. Big corporations get tax breaks. Leaving smaller business with higher taxes basically. Same goes with middle class that gets hammered with taxes rich refuse to pay, and the poor that can't pay.

so they are stuck with trying to survive and from a limited point of view they have two choices.. Which one favors business the most? Of course. I personally believe what is good for a company or Corporation may not be "What is best for the U.S." in fact in some cases it makes it worse. Romney and Obama isn't the issue. The issue really is about Special interest in Congress and the Senate.. and despite some variations. the only thing that usually gets done is something that favors the person or company that paid the most. Thus why for every one dollar spent you get ten back.. (lobbying).

Basically we have destroyed ourselves, Our values and our morals.. That is the consequence of not just Capitalism but the selfishness it can produce through desire (Dukka) if spelled correctly which according to monks.. leads to misery.. (or in my opinion, collapse of our system).

troy prouty*


Many companies these days and small business don't understand, because they often feel squeezed, and yet companies only paid 7.9% of all Federal tax collected last year. But Corporations continue to pay less and less % and so do many wealthy people using things like Capital Gains and write offs. Many people believe the top 3% are Corporate exec's or Business owners.. But really the majority of the 3% are financial managers and investers, so they always pay less than their share. Boeing for example hasn't paid taxes now 4 years straight - going on 5. etc..etc..

Another problem is attitude. Carls Jr for example. Complaining they would rather be spending money on more franchises then spending money on insurance for employees.. But let's look at reality.,. do they pay their employees enough so they can afford to purchase insurance themselves (of course not). So. if they don't want to pay and their employees can't afford to pay.. They seek medicaid. Well medicaid does what? (increases taxes).. But Carls JR doesn't want to pay those either because they are "special"..I mean com'on. they already hire people. What more do you want..? sheesh.. so.. somebody needs to pay? And whamo..

In that above is why America is failing. It doesn't understand the consequences of any of its actions. Every action has a consequence that affects something else that has a consequences etc..etc..

When I make a decision (not only perfect and I'm not saying that). I attempt to look at the consequences and how many will be affected from it. (I didn't always do that) I learned it. Thanks to many people teaching me since 2004... Now my decision is based on the majority even if I suffer in the process.. Because the needs of many outweigh the needs of few. (thanks spark).. wink..


Jeb Bladine


Important to consider a few points in discussing business and taxes.

A significant percentage of businesses are "flow-through" entities such as LLCs, partnerships, S Corps, etc. They don't pay incomes taxes, but rather pass income through to owners who pay personal income taxes. That dramatically changes any discussion of how much taxes are paid by businesses and how much by individuals.

The other point is that struggling businesses are not paying income taxes, assuming they are losing money. Oh, except in Oregon, where businesses must pay income taxes even if they are losing money.

Business in this country suffers from a stagnant economic in which money is not "moving." Business people I know don't mind paying a fair tax rate, because that normally means they are making a profit.

Jeb Bladine


Yep.. Recession and less taxes kind of go hand in hand.. If it is any help they expect between 12%-13% percent of total tax Revenue collected next year.

so what do you think Jeb about my idea of basically getting rid of some 40 thousands lines of tax code. Instead focus on about 16% tax or aso for everyone including companies?

you see I believe the reason we get into problems is because some people can afford to pay taxes and don't pay any, thus it creates this gap in which others fill. But if you limit people getting out of paying taxes and everyone pays.. You can actually lower their taxes more. ?

Most people when you look realistically has seen a reduction from a federal perspective 8% or so since 2000 in taxes. .

I think States squeeze people the most or cities (Seattle).. or Counties (King)... I heard that in your voice.. I don't know about Oregon, but Washington you can apply for tax breaks if you are struggling. AND if you are company you can get special breaks (blackmail works) ask Boeing. gives us this or we will leave.... If you can't tell .. I dislike Boeing...

Posted "Business people I know don't mind paying a fair tax rate" so the question is what is fair? A lot of interpretations from that.. Fair could be the same amount of someone that makes less than $20,000.00 per year compared to their 2 million.. Depends on their belief.

When I look at taxes, Money, community and Business. I need to look at just sustainability for the business, for sustainability for community. In this, I think the U.S. failed. I don't think it looked beyond being good for business, but you also need the other to survive.

troy prouty*


Oh the many things that are wrong about your endorsement editorial. Start with the title. Your idea of "future American dream" under Romney is my dystopian nightmare! The unfair way in which you treated Obama, the parroting of Romney/GOP talking points, well-worn memes and discredited canards, showed the kind of superficial, lazy journalism that is a big part of the problem in this country. It was AWFUL, in so many ways, and no part was worse than blaming Obama for the "deadlock and malice", when we know that a group of high-ranking GOP, including Mitch McConnell, took a vow on innauguration night, and announced publicly, that their number one goal was to make Obama a one term president, never mind serving the country. These men, who put an oath to Grover Norquist above their oath to the Constitution seem to have your approval. Their obstructionism was unprecedented and you blame Obama? PULEEZE! And it's obvious you are still drinking the trickle-down Kool-Aid and think people like Romney create jobs. You bemoan the deficit while ignoring that Obama inherited 2 unfunded wars, a give-away to big pharma for Medicare, and tax cuts to the rich from Bush43. He put Bush's debts on the books and then got blamed for increasing the debt. Where were you when Bush was running up all that?And no mention of reproductive/women's rights at all! NONE!Tonight, Eliot Spitzer's editorial summed up all that's wrong with papers, such as the Des Moines Register and the News Register, who have abandoned Obama for Romney, and how they are rewarding the bad behavior of the Republicans. I suggest you read/view it:Eliot Spitzer: A do-nothing Congress has convinced some newspapers that Romney’s their guy


I was so relieved and grateful to open my News-Register in 2008 and read that my local paper had endorsed Obama for President. Conversely I was distressed and disappointed when I read this editorial supporting Romney/Ryan. I do understand that many of my fellow citizens agree with the endorsement, but I remain unable see the logic.
I know that many Americans have valid issues with with some aspects of the Obama Administration, but in general the man has worked diligently to stabilize our broken economy, create jobs, and keep us safe. (And he managed this in spite of a powerful Republican machine proudly determined to undermine all progress at ANY cost.)
Our alternative? The man of a thousand opportunistic contradictions. Considering a history that includes transporting his dog hundreds of miles on the roof of his car, holding a fellow student down and cutting his hair, and the more recent revelations about how he REALLY feels about 47% of the American people, surely there is ample cause to question Mr. Romney’s character and judgment. (Evidently many of his supporters do not realize he was talking about YOU when he told those ($50,000 a plate) donors his true opinion of us freeloading parasites?)
He has claimed his dog enjoyed the rooftop road trip, he dismissed the bullying haircut incident as a “prank,” but he did finally disavow the condescending “47%” remarks as “wrong” when he realized his private candor had hurt him politically. He won’t show us HIS taxes, he won’t tell us his plan for OUR taxes, a vote for Romney requires a giant leap of blind unwarranted faith based upon a fact-free campaign.
Given the comparisons, inexplicable N/R endorsement notwithstanding, there was but one acceptable choice on my ballot. One candidate wants to be President to represent us, the other one aspires to be our feudal lord. Are we really ready for a moat around our White House?


Hi litebug

I appreciate your fact-based perspective. I will check out the Spitzer piece now, thanks for the link.

Keeping the faith!

Dances with Redwoods

"Are we really ready for a moat around our White House?"

Sounds like a shovel ready job to me, if that's what it's gonna take to get people working.

Dances with Redwoods

Who knows?....Perhaps, maybe, maybe even some Solyndra executives with their golden shovels will show up and lend a hand. Stranger things have happened over the last four years. Would you agree ... treefarmer?


Won't it be interesting to see how our county votes for President. I would guess that about half (maybe more) of the people in this county agree with the NewsRegister. So take it easy, they certainly won't be alone in their call. It did get many people thinking and that is the most important part of the editorial.

Jeb Bladine

Thanks, Kona ... my sentiments exactly. It doesn't make sense to demonize others for endorsing a candidate who reportedly is supported by about half of all voters. Disagreement is fine. Of course, the candidates themselves add to this with their campaigns.

Troy, I'd have to agree with simplifying the tax code. Incomes taxes should be predictable, fair and limited to what is needed by an efficient government providing services that people and states can't provide for themselves. None of those three characteristics exist in our federal tax code today. Simplicity, please.

Jeb Bladine

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