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Robbery thwarted at McMinnville market

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Freaking hilarious.

"I can't open the cash register unless you buy something."

"Uh, I don't got any money."

So he leaves. The brilliant criminal element is alive and well in McMinnville. Maybe he wanted the money for college.


World's dumbest criminals. Tape deserves to be on the show.


Really? The idiot couldn't hand the person an item and demand they scan it to simulate a purchase and then open the register??!?!?!!

oh oh, I better not post these secrets, the guy might go back now that he knows how to get around the purchase obstacle!!

what a moron.


In defense of the hoodie, we need such a tool when doing drug deals or burglaries, muggings. It used to be that we could move from one victim to the other with ease, then the police started stopping and checking I.D. a lot of my friends got busted that way. Then the good citizens and some of my victims came together and restrained the police with laws that stopped such restricting practices. It has gotten better in the last few years; we can use the race thing and use the citizens to insure we have plenty of victims. We have to stay away from some states that have gotten smart and give the police power to do their job, like Arizona, and some of the southern states.
No problem, that’s where the hoodie comes in, When I was busted for drunk driving, I lost my licenses, I still drove, mostly jacked cars, I just wore a hoodie so the police could not see who was driving, and my jacked victims could not Easley I.D. me, it worked well.
This gun control thing needs to be looked at, now days when we go to mug or jack someone we take the risk of the victim being armed, that’s bullshiit. In the old days we never had to worry about such things. More gun control is need.
Things are looking up, with Obama president, (I hope we gets reelected) we are looking at better gun control, freedom to wear hoodies, the stand your ground law being changed, I mean when I mug someone and they stand up to me, what the helll is that? It scares the helll out of me. That law needs to change; I know I can rely on the good citizens to take actions.
Well the people a few houses down went camping, I think I’ll grab my hoodie and screwdriver and go to work.


is it just me or is thecomputerguy's comment completely confusing and ...???

what the race thing have to do with this and what laws in arizona do you think are that great? stopping you because you "look" like an illegal immigrant?!?!?!?!?


i'd like to slap the brother and sister that created this truffle.


@Roxy, you missed the sarcasm laced comment by Thecomputerguy. He was making a statement as a criminal would think. I understood him just fine, try rereading it.

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