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Riverbend stewards to meet

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To say that WM-Riverbend is “donating” the land is jumping ahead. We may end up donating the land but the actual disposition mechanisms (donations, leases, easements, etc.) are yet TBD and will be driven in part by how the community wants to use the land.
Also, we will not talk about falcons, DEQ permitting or landfill operations at this meeting -- because the Stewardship Committee is not focused on the landfill. Their work is focused on the community conversation about how the buffer land will be used and on advancing the most promising proposals. (I expect Nathalie pulled this text from the agenda, and I can see how this was misleading. The agenda calls out falcons, DEQ permitting, etc., as a way of denoting landfill topics that committee members may be hearing about and may have questions about. Our plan for Wednesday is to call out these topics that are “off the agenda” and remind people that the WM folks are available to answer questions about these topics outside on of the meeting. I apologize for any confusion!)
For those who can’t join us on Wednesday, please plan ahead to attend the interactive public meeting in April. Details TBA.

Editor's Note: A system glitch left the comment writer's name off her post. The comment above comes from Jackie Lang of Waste Management - Riverbend, who can be reached at

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