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Rival gangs battle in Mac

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We should let them all kill each other. That way they are less likely to kill contributing members of society. You can't rehabilitate stupid.


Wow. When I grew up, most of the songs were about love. Today most of them
are about disrespect, hate, killing and sexual deviance. These misguided kids behave like this and we are surprised? Yeah, just talk to them about gang violence. That will solve the problem.

Michael Tubbs Sr

"When I grew up. most of the songs were about love."

I agree, most were. Then again, depending on ones perspective, most may very well still be. Like they say at ABC..."We're a new kind of family!"


Seems to me when a crime is committed if evidence shows it�s gang related there should be an additional charge or sentencing should be tougher.

We have a right to peaceful assembly but when a gang becomes violent or destructive it�s a threat to society simply because of the sheer numbers, like having a weapon in the hands of a violent madman.

In my opinion, going after gang activity in our community and sending a message to gangs that this is not a good place to hang out should be top priority for our police.


I can tell you from personal experience that it's not going to get any better if we,and i mean everyone as a community", don't stand up and do something about it to stop and hopefully eradicate gangs and gang mentality.all of this behavior starts at home, it starts with broken marriages,poor education,overpopulation,lack of both parents under one roof.when i say personal experience i mean just that, raised in L.A. fighting to survive everyday,resisting joining a gang,drugs all around, classroom,bathrooms,playfields. there was not a corner of the school campus something negative was not happening, i saw it with my own two eyes- yes i should have said something but then again i would not be here today.i dont like to just come on here and comment, i also like to be part of the wife and i decided to have one child together besides the one she had from previous marriage,but we raised that one as well.we are involved in their lives and ask questions such as where their going and who are they going with and get their parents adress and phone numbers.i know that everyone does this but i dont think the percentage of parents that are on this task is high enough or consistent enough.i know that it may sound controlling, but isn't our youth out of control?

sorry for any spelling errors, my education to be a better citizen is neverending!

troy prouty

It's too bad that these people are to weak in able to just do things themselves, instead they choose to join a gang to show their weakness. Most the weak fail to survive in the real world, such it is with gang related members. They spend most of the time thinking they are something special, instead they are just the opposite and spend most of their time in our criminal justice system with nothing to show, but a huge tax burden on our society. It's to bad they have chosen to be losers.

Troy Prouty*

Kaleb Nyquist

As a Mac High grad currently attending school in a Chicago neighborhood with a history of gang violence, I want to give my perspective.

The most important thing is not to panic. I have lived in McMinnville long enough to know our community has a tendency to dwell on episodes like this. Gang membership often has to do with a sense of not belonging, a crisis of identity if you will, and by over-publicizing or over-dramatizing the event just gives these youth more reason to participate in gang related activity. They probably are not interested in violence, they more likely are looking for recognition - positive or negative, it doesn't matter.

The second most important thing is to realize that the best gang violence prevention is not to crackdown harder (same reasons as above) but to make these youth feel like they belong to something positive in the community. Whether sports or a school club or a church youth group, give them something. We may pride ourselves with our rugged individualism out here in Oregon, but we often take for granted that there was something outside of ourselves that gave us a sense of belonging and self-worth in our teenage years.

They may have screwed up, but we must not forget they are still kids.

troy prouty

I like your comment Kaleb, I think it was well thought out.. That said this isn't Chicago.

I believe that when a crime is committed by these individuals I would like to see harsh penalities (not just sitting in jail) but to make them actually work, to hold them accountable for their actions and to keep them very busy for a while. In the last fews years we have seen an increase in violence in this area, and it needs to stop.


"They probably are not interested in violence, they more likely are looking for recognition"

Probably not in this case. Since they were fighting with bats.

Here is the deal. If you ignore it - It gets worse, if you cuddle them it tells them it is okay to do it again becauser the punishment doesn't match the crime (so it's okay) - You need punishment with teaching, especially early on.

I personally would like to see longer jail sentences a LOT of community service, classes to teach skills (including requirements for their parents) and perfect attendence in school and banishment from hanging around with others they are linked in crime with, plus curfew.

Troy Prouty*


Why weren't these kids charged with Rioting which is a C Felony? Mac PD and the DA's office needs to send a strong message to these "gang members." And the newspaper could use some educating on gang's. "Surenos" and "Nortenos" are not gang names and the Nortenos are not from the LA area.....hence the word Norte which means Northern. Surenos align themselves with the Mexican Mafia in Southern Cali and the Nortenos with Noestra Familia in Northern Cali and they do not get along for that reason. Most of the "gang members" in Oregon have never even been to California. They have gotten together here and decided for whatever reason they will claim red (Norte) or blue (Le Emme-Southern) . I feel the Mac PDis missing out on valuable crime prevention and investigative information because to my knowledge they don't have anyone keeping track of or documenting these gang members. I hope they do and I'm wrong. I think the gang problem in this area has increased a bit the last few years.


Thank you, RayM. This is not going to "go away." The problem is going to keep getting worse; it will escalate. If you want murder, rape, retaliatory exploitation of woman and children, just ignore the issue and remain complacent. People get affiliated with these "gangs" looking for protection, but end up bringing more violence upon themselves. They do not rethink their lives until their children or loved one's get hurt -- then it is too late because they are in too deep.
The violence follows them where ever they go. I, personally, do not want to have to keep my kids indoors (already do most of the time) because I am worried about them being stabbed, shot, or beaten with a baseball bat. This hits too close to home. I've been trying to stay as far away from that kind of lifestyle for as long as I have been on this earth and deeply resent it being brought home to me.


The sad thing is most of come from good hardworking families.. they get caught up up in the bs life of being a gangster..I think there Should be a tougher penalty for these kids


If you do not think that this is not carried into our school's, think again.
The comment about perfect attendance stood out to me. Members of gangs may be upstanding students, but still be engaging in activities that are illegal and unacceptable with in the school and outside of the school. "Administrative Law" is a whole different ball game. Too many students, too little supervision, too much going on "behind the scenes." Wake up and smell the coffee beans, people.


Unless damage to private property or injury. There no reason to put one in jail or prison. The charges then should be related. And not just these so called laws we are forced to live under..pleeasee...remember the constitution? Or has it already been burned to point of no return? Police intervention isnt gonna stop it from happenin again. Like peeing on a electric fence more then one expecting different results


Wanna talk gangs?

Definition : A gang is a group of recurrently associating individuals with identifiable leadership and internal organization, identifying with or claiming control over territory in the community

The largest most corrupt gang in this town, frown upon people who DON'T wear their badge and carry a gun for the simple reason of exercising right to bare arms,

Yes i am talking about the police. smashing individual liberty, and freedoms everyday..

Keep on Sheepin, Or wake up!

Michael Tubbs Sr

I watched 'J.Edgar' over the weekend and found it to be interesting...

skull crusher

Nice posting ronpaul! I do believe you are right! There are a couple cops on the force in McMinnville that are fair and not corrupt though. Whenever I need to deal with a cop, I specifically ask to speak to one in particular because I know I can trust him to be fair and to really listen to me.

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