Rick Olson, Mary Stern - Cornilles or Bonamici

Rick Olson and Mary Stern express support for Republican and Democrat candidates for U.S. Representative, Distr

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Bonamici represents the type of irresponsible, wasteful, arrogant political parasite that has brought Oregon among the bottom of states for employment. Tax and spend, anti-business, pro-welfare, dishonest, hypocritical and with an elitist nose stuck in the air, Bonamici is not someone I'd vote for- I'd rather vote for a pile of weasel excrement, as I'd expect it to do a better job!

troy prouty

It's too bad most people think in black and white or in this case Democrat and Republican. Before any change can take place, these two parties need ousted from the system. Lobby Groups need to not have a place in politics and total campaign donations need to be capped, making a more level playing field. It certainly wouldn't hurt to have run off voting as well.

Currently Lobbyist account for most of the bills, they pay off votes, write and sadly write most of the bills that are voted on.

Truth is, you can't represent your party and your district, it is one or the other. So I wonder why people continue to accept something that doesn't work and seems to only get worse?

Vote for me and I promise to vote how my district wants me to vote, rather I agree with it or not. I represent them "we", not "I"

Troy Prouty*


James Foster seems to be the only one on the ballot who might have a brain...The other two think left and right exist


The first comment in this thread is good example of the polarization that is now common place in this country. No longer can we just disagree with a political figure, we seem to need to demonize and hate them. I disagree with Mr. Cornilles politically, yet I do not feel hatred for him as a person, I truly believe he has the best of intentions for Oregon. I hope we can get to a point that we can have a more civil conversation in our political arena, then maybe we can start compromising, working together as fellow Americans/Oregonians and actually get things done. We are all in the same boat, let's stop rowing in opposite directions.

Don Dix

The reason we have to endure the political partisanship played by both sides everyday is rooted in the system itself. For some reason or other, the respective (loosely respective) parties believe they are necessary to counter-balance the other. In fact, there is no room in Congress for members actually in the middle of these two extremes. If the freshmen don't play ball with those who enabled the election, they quickly become a one term election mistake.

Bonamici isn't going to do anything about the corruption and waste in government(as per her claim), because that would mean taking on Nancy, and that just 'ain't gonna' happen'.

Cornilles and his tax troubles worry me, especially when he addresses taxes. It's rather difficult to trust anyone that promises he won't raise taxes, while he has the IRS draped all over him.

These two candidates were brought to us by the Ds and the Rs, and unfortunately, one of them will win. If these two are the best available from each party, please explain why political parties are even allowed to offer our choices. The Ds and the Rs have never been about anything but themselves, their agenda, and their special interest financiers. As soon as the ballots are counted, the voters are forgotten pawns, until next time -- and the charade begins anew.


Good points Don and I agree, I was just pointing out that at one time not too many years ago there was less hatred and the voices were less shrill, most politicians acted more profesionally and less personally. Sadly that seems a time gone by. I also agree with you in that I will vote in November, but will have to hold my nose!

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