By Molly • 

Revitalization a work in progress in Dayton

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Dayton is a great little town but it really needs some overall cleaning-up - I mean just look at Ferry St going down to the river - it would be a great walk through the main street but there is a ton of wild blackberry along a whole block, some houses really need to be cleaned up, old cars parked out of site instead of on the street growing weeds and collecting dirt, some people need to be fined for having all their junk in their yards - fence them in and put your junk where only YOU can see it, we also need better street lighting along all of Ferry St, lamps like they have in Carlton would beautiful along the entire street - on summer days it would be nice to walk to the river and accross the bridge but now, it's just an eyesore, the city needs to start cracking down on some of those ordinances, c'mon people! let's clean up our town!!!

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