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Revenue up, profit down at Schnitzer

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i dont believe this for one minute!!!!! the president of the company makes over 3 million a year and the CEO makes over 5 million a year! the standard of living for these steelworkers declines every year and they are the ones who are making the company money! the current strike is about unfair labor practices by the company and stems from corporate GREED!

Kathleen Blair

Here's what the News Register isn't reporting - from

"Schnitzer CEO Tamara Lundgren � a former JP Morgan Chase investment banker � was paid over $7 million in compensation in the company�s most recent fiscal year. In their recently expired contract, union steel workers were paid $18.79 to $29.71 an hour for work in searing heat and deafening noise....Schnitzer Steel is demanding contract take-backs, including proposals to: obligate workers to work 16-hour shifts; to curtail workers� right to have union representation during discipline' and to .double the amount workers pay for health insurance. The company says its bargainers are available only two days a week, four hours at a time. Management walked out of one bargaining session, refused to answer calls, and even drew the shades on the office window. A guard is posted outside the company president�s office, and escorts him to his car when he leaves the building.

At one point, union bargainers even overheard the company HR director on the phone asking someone, �Do you want us to keep screwing around with them?� "


thank you kathleen could not have said it better myself! you hit the nail on the head! you are so right on!


just a side note these steelworkers make cascade steel in excess of 6 million a month! and they cant pay them a fair wage with fair benefits??????? how can they sleep at night?



Picking out one statistic and making a judgement from it isn't really accruate or truthful. The workers don't "make" the company 6 million a month and I think you know that. It seems to me that keeping inflamatory rhetoric in check will be a benefit to both sides.....

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