By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Restitution ordered in street racing case

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Good, let that be a lesson. Public streets are not a race track for idiots that drive cars that have more horsepower than the IQ of their drivers.

john fritter

Not saying you are wrong but there are not many cars available anymore with horsepower ratings below genius level IQ. I would hate for them to get more credit than they deserve! Not to mention most of us on the road today are driving vehicles with more power than we have IQ.


In the literal sense of course you’re correct. But these clowns, who destroyed so many innocent lives because they thought public roads were their personal playground, deserve everything they got. Of course, they are still alive and fully functional, which is a stretch I know, unlike their many victims. I hope they enjoy their time in a concrete and steel box and a life of destitution after their lengthy sentences.

I pity the families who have to pick up the pieces after such a needless and moronic event.

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