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Rep. Bonamici speaks at community center

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Pepper Jelly

She's a robot mouth piece bumper sticker moron.

Nicholas Scyoc

Rep. Bonamici, speaking on seniors is fascinating,

"According to the latest estimates from the Congressional Budget Office, Obamacare will reduce Medicare spending by $716 billion between 2013 and 2022, relative to prior law." "Forbes, 8/11/2012"
Essentially, an entitlement program that was built in 1965, that was meant to help seniors, is now going to be shared with the rest of the uninsured America. All these years, the Democrats have ran on a platform saying "The Republicans are going to let Grandma die." Yet here in black and white is grandma's "entitlements" being removed by the very party that claimed to protect them.
Some people might say "what's wrong with sharing?" The simple answer is when grandma falls down and hurts herself, or needs a simple treatment. How fast will she get medical treatment, and how good will the treatment be? Visit a Veterans Hospital sometime... that's a form of national healthcare. Ask the vets what they think of their "National Healthcare."

I'm disappointed that our representative did not explain why she voted "No" on auditing the Federal Reserve. I think it's important that all levels of government, and their sub-entities, be accountable... you would think her being a lawyer, she would be too.

Finally, for all of her promises of what she can do for a beloved community, the only thing I read was she's in favor of increasing "taxes." Which she has never voted against in her long career as a politician.

So what we are left with is Grandma lost her entitlements, the government doesn't have to be accountable for how they print money, and raise taxes for all of it, and get less out of what we contribute in taxes...

I think I'll go with her opponent Delinda Morgan.


So we should assume that a voucher system will solve grandma's quality and speed of service?.....not likely. Interesting also that Mr Ryans budget keeps many of the cuts that the Repubs have used against Obama.

It would be nice if arguments could be factual rather than inflamatory and misleading..... but i guess fear is a great motivator.

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