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Recalling a voice of health care mediation

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Oracle Jones

"He was a voice of mediation. Today, that voice has joined the chorus of a news organization that seems to believe the problem with Obamacare is a website".
That is a very uninformed and innaccurate statement. You have obviously not been listening to the hundreds of debates concerning the ACA which included participants from both sides of the political aisle for the past few years on Fox News. The difference Fox offers is that it actually offers input from both political perspectives as compared the the steadfastly liberal mantra of the MSNM. ACA is a trainwreck, don't buy a ticket.

Don Dix

Consider this -- When Obama was campaigning for office, his words were thus --'I want every American to have the same health care coverage that our congress receives.'

It wasn't believable then and it surely isn't going to happen today. The process is to say anything to get elected and when questioned (about promises), dance, slick-talk and avoid being cornered.

The moral -- It's rather difficult to get straight answers from a naturally crooked tongue!

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