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Ray's Auto property listed for sale

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I'd love to see another hotel down there. We desperately need the rooms.

Yes, parking is an issue but the time to address that would have been at the OMI expansion. Their front lot could have and may still be able to go upward with a facade that would match the building. Other parking options would be the now available lot across from Golden Valley and the one next to the oral surgeon. In LA, they are putting parking underground whenever they redevelop an area. If you want a walkable city, parking must be available for out-of-town guests without sprawling asphalt across a single piece of valuable real estate.

Don Dix

'3rd Street'? --- 'parking garage'? --- Is it just me, or do those two terms just beg for a second option?

soft shoe

The Gateway redevelopment area might prove more suitable.


Salem has several multi-story parking garages downtown. They don't seem incompatible to me. The two newer onces feature interesting architecture and an array of shops.
Parking garages don't need to resemble big concrete pillboxes.
On the other hand, they cost a lot of money.

Don Dix

Salem also has wider sidewalks, one way streets that are 3 times as wide as 3rd, and control lights that are timed properly.

What Salem doesn't have is McMinnville's 'Main Street'. Parking garages can be built anywhere -- 'main streets' are rooted in place.

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