Radio returning to Mac a story we can applaud

We’ve had a lot of bad news lately, what with disbarment of the county counsel, dismissal of a McMinnville police officer, touchdown of a tornado, the inevitable additions to local obituary notices and continued inability of Evergreen to pay its bills, despite selling off a subsidiary for a quarter billion dollars.

It seemed time for some good news — past time, really — and we received some this week with the announcement that our local radio station, KLYC, should soon be back on the air.

An earlier deal went south, so there are no guarantees. However, this time, it seems like we have the makings of a long-term fit in Albany radio personality David Adams.

He says Stella Bohnsack — playing the leading role at the station since the untimely death of her husband, Larry — has been great to work with in the transition planning. And she returns the favor, saying the veteran of Bend’s KBND and Albany’s KGAL, who plans to make his home in McMinnville, has the right stuff to carry on the station’s long local tradition.

It probably comes as no surprise that we think a locally owned, operated and oriented newspaper is something of a community treasure. Not every community can claim one these days — not by a long shot.

We harbor many of the same feelings for a locally owned, operated and oriented radio station. Many communities have no station they can call their own, and others have to make do with something cut from the Clear Channel cloth — a chain outpost robo-playing a menu originating at some distant urban point.

KLYC has a history full of quirks and character, and Adams promises to continue that. He fully intends to be cruising Turkey Rama in the station’s iconoclastic Yam Van, restoring a tradition we feared lost when the earlier sale collapsed and the radio station signal fell silent in mid-March.

That prompted an outpouring of nostalgia from old-timers in town — people who can remember back through the Bohnsack era of recent decades, or perhaps even to the station’s 1949 founding by the then-owners of this newspaper, Jack and Phil Bladine.

Here’s how Carole Hansen put it in a letter to this newspaper:

“I am so disappointed to learn of the end of our KLYC radio station. It’s been the background of many of my days over these years, in the house and the car. I love the ‘oldies’ and the connection to local happenings and news.”

She concluded, “The loss will leave a big gap — such a shame.”

For Hansen and other writers expressing similar sentiments, here’s hoping the gap you were lamenting soon will be filled.

McMinnville is marked as a place of quirky character, from its beloved Turkey Rama blowout to its new Ben Franklin bench, and KLYC fits right into that mold. It will be great to have AM radio back in Mac.



great news....I look forward to hearing the early morning news once again.....bring back Eve Fuller....

Mr. Mac

Great to hear.... I hope Brian is still going to be the "Voice" of Yamhill sports!


I too have missed the background music and chatter that was local. Looking forward to having that back and more.


Really hope they keep the same music format with Eve.


Yeah! I can get a station on my old tube radio again!!!

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