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Publications unveil mobile products

Screen shot of the News-Register iPad app
Screen shot of the News-Register iPad app

Beginning today, the monthly Oregon Wine Press is available for the iPad through Apple’s App Store. A special “News-Register Weekly” iPad edition debuted earlier, featuring the top stories from the previous Tuesday and Friday editions. Both apps are free.

This is just the beginning. Soon, both apps will be available for iPhones as well as Android tablets and phones.

“I’m thrilled to be able to give our readers an alternative way to experience the Oregon Wine Press,” said Editor Hilary Berg. “While we cherish our print edition, we are excited to embrace e-publishing as an essential component OWP.”

The News-Register is already available twice a week in an e-edition page-turner format. But Managing Editor Steve Bagwell said, “Adding a weekly version featuring custom-tailored content in a custom-tailored format represents a major new step.

“We’ve come a long way since we first went online in late 1995. That seems like eons ago, and given the torrid pace of modern technology, it truly is.”

To get either app, use your iPad to visit or and click on a hot-link taking you to the App Store, or visit the App Store directly. Either way, you have a free download waiting for you, and it will be refreshed regularly with new content.




In my experience, downloading the e-edition of NR to my iPad has been not good. In either portrait or landscape view, the result is not readable. I now download e-NR on iMac, place in iTunes "Books" app folder. iTunes syncs to iPad and I can read them perfectly. On the iPad open the "Books" and touch PDF to read. I hope NR creates uniform naming of these PDF docs soon. Meantime I just rename them Feb-15-2013 etc.

I am unable to read much text on iPhone because of small type, so haven't even tried. Don't go anywhere without my iPad and my iPhone anyway ;-) this e version and PDF are very satisfactory ways for me to keep up on Mac news. Thanks NR.

I also bought at App Store another PDF viewer: "GoodNotes" $4.95. With it one can take notes and annotate, etc. I think teachers and students use something like it. May be overkill for my needs. We'll see.


Thx, Katesoren, for your comments. In this ever-changing environment, we're constantly trying to find better ways to deliver news and information to you. We look at each platform or device as a potentially different product. The newspaper is not the same as the website. The iPad is not necessarily going to be the same as the iPhone. We want to provide the best user experience for each device.

As I wrote in our blog last week, the new app is an experiment. We're fortunate to have engaging readers like you to push us on.

Again, thank you.

Dan Shryock
Digital Media

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