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Public reacts to bus changes

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troy prouty

My understanding is the routes went back to what they use to be.

I am concerned about the cost of fare going up, not so much for me, but others.

In my personal expeirence in life I have two things I choose the most. I prefer non profit agencies over For profit and I prefer companies that are owned by collective (Their employees) over owned by a bunch of wealthy people who do less work (if any) and receive more a lot more of the money.

If Companies were actually owned by employees and become a collective, just think how much better our world would be. Just like if everyone paid the same % in taxes with no breaks. People gave money to charity because they cared (not because the get something in return). Think how much better it would be. It certainly would open our eyes probably on why so many were giving previoulsy. (maybe change our opinion of them).

troy prouty*


Myconcern about routes changes and price hikes for the transit system. I use this system everyday, walking to work takes 45 minutes. During summer at 94 degrees, that's tough. During fall & winter it's dark and rainy, I wear professional dress, on my bike in bad weather I look like I just stepped out of a washing machine. I work Saturdays & there's no bus route, I ride my bike, during the fall & winter it’s dangerous if you don’t wear light clothing drivers can’t see you. I buy monthly bus passes for 35.00 each, in bulk for the year, cost 420.00. I can’t use Dial-A-Ride they stop at 4:00, I can’t ask a co-worker for rides, gas prices are high, they go out of their way, the right thing is to pay them for their trouble, extra cash out of my pocket. With the new changes the hours are cut to be later in the morning & stop by 5:00. The business I work at opens early & close late for your convenience, as other businesses, so you can buy your lattes, do grocery shopping leave work at 5:00, or pay your mortgage so you don’t lose your home. Commissioners when you cut hours to the bus system that goes in hand with cutting the drivers’ hours, & if the drivers are like part time county employees the drivers lose their medical benefits. I put up with the smoking, the spitting, and the cussing at the courthouse bus stop so that I can get to work. I can’t take a cab, the are no bus signs posted by Winco and Wal-Mart to tell you where to stand, and I learned for 10.00 for a cab Wal-Mart won’t even allow the buses to even go thru their parking lot. Commissioners recognize the fact that you have a working class here in Yamhill County, we are not invisible. We are all voters just like the guy in the suit that you seem to favor. WE are working class constituents, don’t cut the hours on the routes, extend them, don’t cut the drivers hours, respect these employees, they have families too, they work as hard as the rest of us.

Kathleen Blair

Here is a description of First Transit

We need to find out what relationship the principals of First Transit, First Student, and First Group America have with Leslie Lewis. Somewhere, somehow there is a connection.

Remember when she screwed up the County communications system and then it turned out one of her friends got the job? That's her M.O. and you can be sure the same pattern applies here, somehow.

What did Leslie "Wiretap-$1 Million-Cost-Center" Lewis and know and when did she know it?

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