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Public Market to end Granary District run April 27

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I totally agree with the owner of the barn, there in not sufficient parking for a
pubic market at that location.

troy prouty

That barn is a terrible idea. It would be unique, but it doesn't make economic and suatainable sense with the size. Ideally it would be nice to have a market with actual side area's where things are produced.. Wine for example, sausage etc..etc.. Similar to Vancouver B.C.'s market.. and a seperate area for produce stands, and food... That way each area would have their own unique style. Obviously their size limitations since we are talking about a small area of people. But I think it would be cool to have 5-6 wineries each making wine with a shared (area) having booths seperately, maybe coffee the same type of thing, beer two or three breweries (with a shared place to make it) etc..etc.. I think that would be ideal. However I think the economy would need to recover in order for someone to do that in a market sense (similar I suppose to carlton wine maker studios) but with a host of things.




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