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PTSD proposed for Oregon medical marijuana list

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PTSD, The easiest condition to fake, being used in the name of veterans...?

I find it interesting that you would have a person who served choosing to smoke pot, especially one who might be suffering true PTSD. I think it is a bit counter productive to have someone who suffers with something such as PTSD, tell them to smoke pot, which will then render them unable to find a decent job. Veterans are given hiring priorities because they are vets, but they still HAVE to pass a drug screen. So for those who are not looking far enough into the future, they are setting themselves up for failure in the job market.

The inability to land a job due to their drug of choice can and will eventually lead to financial issues, and then possibly depression. From there you might as well just allow all vets on disability.

This truly seems like a very poor idea, and kudos to the vets who choose to stay clear of the drug, your selfless service to our country and the lives of others should never be forgotten, but supporting a vet to delve into drug use due to PTSD is a gateway to a miserable future for all.


Oh, and what about other cases of PTSD? Those who were in a car wreck, those who have been a victim of a violent crime, tose who were bullied in school, those who had a dog bark at them, those who had a bad meal at the local fast food dive...

Just a really bad idea...

Dear Crabby---->

"....had a bad meal at the local fast food dive... ."

I dunno, might actually be a cure for that one, Manup.

Dances with Redwoods

Maybe if the 'manufacturers' were asked to list all of the possible harmful side effects of using medicinal marijuana in much the same manner pharmaceutical companies do, might prove helpful?

Last night I'd watched a television commercial last promoting a body lotion that contained 1.62% testosterone as it's active ingredient.. Will some people choose to use that product after learning of it's known side effects?

Effects so harmful to others (especially to women & children) that just touching a person that uses that product is ill advised.

I don't believe that marijuana is anywhere near as harmful to humans than what is allowed to be promoted byPharmacyPharma'

Do you, really?

Dances with Redwoods

....oops...the above should have read as---> I don't believe that marijuana is anywhere near as harmful to humans than what is currently allowed to be promoted by big pharmaceutical companies.

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