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Primozich announces commissioner run

The first showdown in the non-partisan race is the May primary. Assuming no one wins a majority of votes there, the two top vote-getters for each seat will square off in the November general election.

Though it’s still too soon to file with the clerk’s office, Primozich said he wanted to get word out.

“I’m excited about running for commissioner,” he said. “I’m in a position now to take on the office of commissioner and to do a good job.”

He said no single issue was driving him to seek a paid, full-time post on the county’s three-member board of commissioners. He simply thinks his wide civic and business experience in McMinnville makes it a good fit for him, and vice versa.

“I think that, as a county commissioner, I would be in a unique opportunity to help expand the livability of Yamhill County and help create new jobs with the industry already in the area,” he said. “I’m excited to be a part of bringing that together to the benefit of the future of our county.

“I’m rooted here. With seven children and 13 grandchildren, this community is very important to me. I’ve lived here 30 years and I’ll be buried here.”

In addition to serving 22 years on the McMinnville School Board, Primozich has served with the Oregon School Board Association and Court Appointed Special Advocates program. He said his lengthy experience with civic and government work has given him a good sense of how to bring people together.

“We start from a lot of different places on what we think would be the best way, or right way, to approach something,” he said. “I’m good at getting people’s ideas out so they get discussed, so they have a sense of being heard and hopefully we can arrive at some common ground.”

The campaign trail isn’t entirely new territory for Primozich. In addition to his many mostly successful school board runs, he mounted an unsuccessful run for mayor in 2008.

He said that election took place just a couple of months into his marriage to his wife, Janice, whom he was grateful to meet following the death of his first wife, Sandy, after 40 years together.

He said Janice had also been widowed, so understood what he was going through. He said they consider themselves blessed to have met, and were able to create a strong bond, despite their grieving.

“Now we’re ready,” he said. “We’ve been thinking about it and talking about it for a long time, and I have a lot of support going into this from a variety of people.

Primozich said, “I have strong values and commitments and am unwavering in my faith as a Christian. I trust very much that the Lord gives direction. That’s what guides the choices I make and the things I do.

“I want people to know that as they look at me as a potential commissioner candidate. I want them to know they can vote confidently in me, knowing that while I can’t tell them how I’m going to vote on an issue, they can trust that it will be consistent with my values.”

Primozich has maintained financial adviser practice for 30 years, and plans to continue in some form, win or lose.

The filing deadline doesn’t roll around until March 11, still some nine months off, but Primozich said he thinks it’s important to get an early start. For one thing, he said, that will give him more time to hear from people around the county.

“I want people to know I’m running because I want to hear what the people of Yamhill County think the county is doing right, and if there is something they think should be done differently, I want to hear about it as well,” he said. “By having the lead time before the election, I have a chance to hear from as many people in Yamhill county as would like to talk to me.”

Primozich said he is in the process of developing a campaign website. In the meantime, he can be reached at 971-237-9598 or

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