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Pot tender fears execution back home

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With that much mold, if mishandled the neighbors should be seriously concerned.

troy prouty

I would be looking at the person owing the restaurant in Portland for answers. Personally I say send him back to China. That is where he is from regardless of his possible consequences.

We can't keep affording charity case after charity case and expect our economy will survive, it doesn't work that way.

Troy Prouty*

troy prouty

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Troy Prouty*

Michael Tubbs Sr

Until then, he might consider taking up poetry, maybe even write something with a haute performance art feel extolling the virtues of organ donation. The more personal the better, I would think, something that might even raise the eye-brows of the Hollywood elite.

With an isolation cell for a studio, its walls for a canvas, bite the tip off one finger and let the creative juices flow.

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