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Pot moratoriums favored locally

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Only because county and state law enforcement went out and miss represented medical cannabis. Portrayed us cannabis users as a dis favored class of people.


I would be willing to bet if left alone, commissioners and city council members would be more tolerant. Politically correct on a voting year is most important to the folks. Zero compassion.


I'm not so sure about that, Fletch. Two reasons:
1) None of the three county commissioners is seeking re-election this year. Two are term-limited out and the third isn't up.
2) City council terms are staggered on an annual basis. So there is nothing special about an even-numbered year to councilors in Mac or other local cities.
My take is this: The Legislature's passage of the moratorium measure gave local officials an easy out, and a lot of them couldn't resist taking it.
Wait and see is always the safest political posture. If in doubt, the thinking goes, sit tight and stand pat.


Good points. But if left free thinking, the national polls show, that the moratorium or should I say, not in favor of cannabis position is in the minority and chances are these politicians would be in favor. I understand the confused mind says no but there is less confusion with 50 years of data compiled from the effects of the war on drugs and the benefits of cannabis to the human body's cells.
Law enforcement anymore is the real opposition to cannabis use. The people are ready to move forward. The old policies of arrest and prosecution have had little to now effect on cannabis use and loss of revenue is no cause for hunting cannabis consumers.
We have lived with cannabis being illegal and have not much to show for it in my humble opinion. So lets try living with it being legal and see how she goes. At least humans will not be celled in cages.


What is the value to legalizing another mind-altering drug in society? I thought this discussion would have ended when I was in Vietnam and we had trouble with users of mind altering drugs. I would agree that alcohol is one of the worst.


Some minds are altered for the better with one drug or another.



I agree with you. The important part of your suggestion is identifying which drugs are helpful and used correctly. Any drug used improperly can create problems.

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