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Portland casino proponents suspend campaign

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Remember when Barbara Walters blew our chance at a professional baseball team. That was awesome too.


Pitifull. I guess Spirit Mountain knew they were going to loose, and not just by a few far away voters. Those who have watched them lie and stop supporting their own were also voting for the new casino. At least there would be taxes coming in from a privately owned casino. Money still runs elections.

Dances with Redwoods

It will still be up to the voters, the measures will remain on the ballot. As for myself, I would vote no, that is, if I were to vote on the two measures.


If this Casino was an Indian establishment i would probably support it. However it is not. The investors of this casino are not even American. I dont like the idea of money being sent to canada. According to theyre website, 25% of the money would be donated to the pubic. They project 100 Million. So 75% would be 300 Million that would go to Canadian investors? Thats not right. The state allowing this would be breaking its promise to Indian Gaming Estabishments. This would also have an inpact on the area, it would have a huge rise in crime. Spiritmtn has given millions back to the community though its community fund. This money is not going to its local programs, it is being sent thoughout salem and portland.

Dances with Redwoods

"The investors of this casino are not even American."

Even if they were, it would still be a bad idea. The whole point in granting the tribes exclusivity, was to give them an opportunity to stand on their own and be successful.

For once the tribes have entered into an agreement that has actually panned out, and is working as intended, and I see no logical reason to disturb that success.

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