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Polk County drug team arrests Grand Ronde man

Sean Whitehead

GRAND RONDE — A Grand Ronde man was arrested Friday by the Polk County Interagency Narcotics team that went to his residence on a reported domestic disturbance and seized a large quantity of marijuana.

The suspect was identified as Sean Whitehead, 23, of 29730 Joe Day Way. He was charged with one count each of fourth-degree assault, delivery of a controlled substance, manufacture of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance and strangulation. He was lodged in the Polk County Jail in Dallas on $107,500 bail.

A search of the residence turned up 60 marijuana plants, 83 Mason jars full of processed marijuana and several bags of processed marijuana. The total weight was 20.4 pounds, including three-quarter pounds of kief. The potential street value of the seizure was more than $64,000.

The investigation is continuing.



I find it odd that drug task force teams respond to eledged domestic violence calls. Also, the quantities reported are really quite small in the over all sceem of things. With over 50,000 medical marijuana patients in Oregon and 300,000 to 400,000 recreational user in Oregon it's really a drop in the bucket. Example: Say a patient uses an ounce of medical cannabis every 2 weeks, This quantiy would last 160 patients 1 month. There are 50,000 + patients...
If he is convicted of the domestic violence charges well then I would liker to see if there were any drugs in his system at the time of his arrest. Like Meth or alcohol for instance.
Say that $64,000 was taxed at 8%, that would of generated $5,120.00 of revenue for the state or counties or whatever per month. With one months cannabis for 50,000 + patients being about 6,250 pounds per month needed. At your estamated (NR) $3137.25 per pound that would be $19,607,812.00 taxed at 8% would be $1,568,624.90 per month of revenue. That is not including the recreational users... Please check my math. I'm not the sharpest knife in drawer.


So lets say there are 300,000 to 400,000 recreational users in Oregon alone. They are already getting their marijuana outside the law. What's to say that legalizing it makes them instantly say 'oh geez, I am going to go buy it here so I can make sure the state gets their cut' rather than just continuing to buy it from whoever they're already buying it from? Why wouldn't that person, rather than continuing to hide his growing just make it more known that they're growing and just keep cashing in?


It would be illegal to 'Bootleg'.


people who are already doing illegal things, are not going to worry about continuing to do illegal things! it's rediculous to think so.


Just like it is rediculous that marijuana continues to be illegal...

Just Lookin

"people who are already doing illegal things, are not going to worry about continuing to do illegal things! it's rediculous to think so."

So very true!, changing laws means nothing. If people wish to break the law, they will continue to do so. For those in jail for drug violations, they knew they were wrong. No excuse really. Until the laws are changed, it is still illegal. Change the law, or obey it.


To me the real question is: If MJ becomes legal what will the state sell it for? If the cost is higher than what the consumer can buy for "on the street" than consumers will continue to buy on the street.

If the state sells for to much than this whole "legalize and tax" idea won't work. If the state can undercut the illegal dealers (competition) then we have a chance of driving out the mexican cartel and all the other scumbag dealers.

Then again the state of Oregon just might get greedy and become the worst cartel and scumbag dealer.

I don't know for sure what MJ costs but if it's $3,137.25 (according to Fletch and NR) I assume the risk of getting busted is built into the price. Take away that risk and there's no reason the state couldn't produce it for penny's on the dollar.

Dances with Redwoods

One idea might be to twist grow lights into every OSP bulb socket, and turn the entire prison population into a community of constant gardeners.


I don't know about you, but if I wanted to get some MJ, I would rather get MJ in a safe location rather then one with the pontential of physical harm being done to myself.

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