By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Police union files for arbitration in Heidt firing

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How much does this drunken lout have to cost the city before he realizes he is an embarrassment and moves on with his life? The entitlement mentality is alive and well in the ranks of the police union. There truly is no shame anymore.

john fritter

then they should make him pay back what they paid him while on "paid administrative leave" for an off duty display of stupidity!!!! I just wonder how many other employers would give an employee paid vacation (above and beyond what they already get) while they heal from an ass kicking they got after picking on a handicapped guy???????


The entitlement mentality and not wanting to be held accountable in some of our police and their union is worse than any welfare queen having babies with any daddy just for the benefits.

Why do our local cops have a union anyway?


The Heidt incidences of violence and thuggery are embarrassments to this city. Whatever uniform he wears in the future won't stop his bullying behavior. He is the problem that travels with him wherever he goes.The people of this city will be wary in the event they see flashing lights behind them. To protect and serve? More like To Kick, Tase and Maul. Oh, yeah, then lie.

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