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Police seek suspect in false report case

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This kind of fits right in line with what people are complaining about the NR jumping the gun on stories.

Our dachshund counts to four

An expensive 911 call, for sure. Gotta wonder what the final cost will be for the idiot that made it.


Poorly edited articles and inaccurate storytelling....the new motto of NR. It's such a disappointment.


"Douglas Gore, 25, boyfriend of Kersha Ruston-Williams, resident of the address where the incident occurred, for failing to appear in Newberg Municipal Court in a traffic case"

Why didn't he show up for his court date?

It seems to me that if you weren't going to be in court for any reason you would at least let them know and be responsible?

Troy Prouty*

Our dachshund counts to four

Mr Gore is fortunate to have ran into that pole, should he hadn't, he may very well have ended up shot dead.


The "victims" don't necessarily fit the description of victim...

Four hours of evacuation and a loud speaker before they emerged...?

A warrant for arrest based on a FTA...?

Why take four hours, and why not show up in court when you know you are due? Sounds fishy, and the plight of "poor us" is diminishing...

Our dachshund counts to four

"A warrant for arrest based on a FTA..."

Happened to me once due to a court clerk's error. The court clerk hareceiveded my check by mail, had it cashed but had forgotten to note that I'd paid the fine rather than drive two hundred miles to dispute the traffic citation.

So, a bench warrant was issued and my drivers license suspended over a failure to appear for a court date I'd hadknowledgelege of until receivedeved an after the fact letter from the DMV.

In order to get my drivers license reinstated, I drove the two hundred miles, hired an attorney for two hundred dollars to stand beside me and present to the Judge Exhibit A in my defense, the very cashed check with the courts endorsement stamp clearly visible on its backside.

Believe it..or..not, at that very moment the court clerk stood up and said..."Your honor, there's been a mistake made and it's actually very easy to explain." The clerk then turned to me and said..."I'm so sorry, I'd had you confused with another Michael Tubbs and apparently credited your payment to his fine."

True story, guess we'll just have to wait to hear the piled up particulars of Mr Gore's story till someday in the future, eh?


yeah Michael. But if an officer told you to stop you wouldn't take off running would you?

Like Gore did...

In fact I know you wouldn't. I just want to bring up two things here. One is the not showing up in court charge and another running from police. You know if police knock on my door, I answer it.

BUT I'm sort of of weird I guess, because I figure if I can't do something in front of the police, I don't need to be doing it when they aren't there OR I think they are not there, this is why I don't speed. it's also why I always tell you directly what I think. regardless of who you are and how you will interpt (sometimes good, sometimes not so good).. such is life.

troy prouty*

Our dachshund counts to four

Nope, I surely wouldn't.

As for answering the door? sSme years back I was awoken by a group of cops, whom at the time I'd thought were ordering me out of my home with my hands raised above my head. The time was precisely 04:19, and I immediately complied with their request without hesitation, in fact, I'd marched right out wearing nothing but boxer shorts.

Turned out to be a neighbor that hadn't been home at the time they'd been shouting out commands to through a mega-phone.


This story has serious holes in it and makes very little sense; from the first article they published about it. All too often the news stories are not well written online. (Which is where I read the news) They lack clarity and accuracy at times and many times are full of typos; which drives me crazy! The editing of some NR acticles could use some shoreing up, to be sure. I am not a professional writer, editor, etc., but I feel like I could do a better job than what I see on here many times. Just some food for thought for the News-Register.


so yes this is me Mr.gore himself!! first off for everyone saying i should have went to court i agree and if i had know about the court date i would have showed up i was unaware of the court date it was for a traffic court yes but its hard to show up when your unaware of it! also your right i should not have ran but was intoxicated at the time not trying to justify me running but alcohol does alter the thought process i have not ran from cops before! for everyone's information i was not at the house at all that night i was on 3rd st. with multiple friends it did not take 4 hours for my girlfriend to come out of the house that is untrue and mac pd can vouch for that! they came looking for me on 3rd st. because i had a bench warrant not because i took off from the house or had anything to do with that if you read the article it states that i had nothing to do with what happened at my girlfriends house that night! you all talk about how the NR writes things before they have all the facts some of you are no better doing the same thing with your comments if any of the first article was true they would not have apologized with writing a second follow up article it was a hoax and a false police report that had absolutely nothing to do with me at all the man who made the report will face charges for it when he is caught! anyways i said what i needed to say so y'all take it how you want and say what you would like but know you know the truth!!!! also for the dude that said i am lucky i didn't get shot for running there was absolutely no reason or justification for a mac police officer to fire any weapon at me besides a tazer in order to apprehend me!!! thanks!!

Our dachshund counts to four

I didn't imply that you should have been shot, doug.


Sounds like you have a lot of excuses there jason..

"if i had know about the court date "

If you didn't know, why not call and find out?

Even so..

This really stands out.

"alcohol does alter the thought process"

yes. and you were running round town drunk eh..

just a suggestion from my point of view: you talk about alcohol being the factor for running, the fact you haven't run from the police, that you didn't know the court date..

I would have left it at this. I probably should have called to find out the court date or explain a reason (maybe waiting in the mail). I would have probably added I shouldn't have run from the police this was a mistake and show some remorse. (you did mention that was a mistake) which I'm glad. The problem I have is that you said you shouldn't have run from the police then used alcohol has the excuse. so.. maybe you could have said "Maybe" I shouldn't have been drinking at the level I was drinking, then maybe I could have made a better decision, AND take responsability for that as well.

See what I mean?

Hearing from someone in the community is probably better than hearing it from a judge, you will probably will hear it from both of us. Bummer, but such is life.. Everyone makes mistakes, I have plenty, the idea is to learn and sometimes we don't (including me) A lesson willl be repeated (in mnay forms) until it is learned.

troy prouty*


see "mnay" a typo.. "many" A mistake, one I'm sure I will make again some day.. wink..



This is for "manup"..obviously you did not read the entire article! This is Kersha and unfortunatly I know exactly what happened that night, and just to clarify since it obviously wasn't apparent enough for you, the first article was almost completely untrue. The only thing true in it was Doug's arrest which had absolutely nothing to do with what happened with the cops at my house, the news register just threw it all together not having the whole story yet. Which is why this second article was written, to apologize for even writing the first one to begin with. Oh and also there was NOTHING four hours about any of it, they responded to my house at about 12:45(which I was unaware of because I was sleeping, like a normal person does at that hour)and they left a little after 2:30. So it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that is not even 2 hours, which was another mac PD mistake. The whole thing was a made up 911 call in which the caller even used a fake name..also the news register said that if the police department would have clarified that the whole thing was a false police report they would have never even written a story about it to begin with.


First of all, let me introduce myself: My name is Christen and my children and I are the 'evacuated residents' that the article speaks of. I feel that I need to set the record straight about a few things. Let's start at the beginning:
At 9:15PM, daughter and her friend were sitting outside talking. Doug came out and told them to be quiet (even tho it was a Friday night and our quiet time is 10PM). I told the girls to ignore him because he was highly intoxicated. After they went back out, he yelled at them to be quiet. They told him to come to me...which is what he should have done in the first place. He came and told me they were too loud and that they had kids sleeping down there. He also acknowledged the fact that he had been blaring his music for HOURS. (pictures actually fell off my wall) I told him I'd have the girls come in at 10. He started being very rude to me so I told him the conversation was over. He started screaming obscenities at me and said "I should smack the sh*t outta you". He said he was calling the cops and I welcomed him to do so. About 5 mins later, Kersha came up and apologized, saying she made him leave and he wouldn't be back, so I assumed the incident was over.

At 1AM, the police came to our back door with assault rifles and hand guns drawn, asking us to evacuate and asking if anyone else was in our home. No one was. We were told that a 911 caller had reported that the male of the apt downstairs (Doug) was holding the women hostage with a shotgun and that the caller was hiding upstairs. The police searched our home in what I can only describe as 'combat formation'. My sister has an apt nearby so we holed up there and watched. The police set up a perimeter around our home and watched for any signs of life downstairs. (see 2nd comment below)


This whole thing has been really hard on me, imagine sleeping in the middle of the night and being woken up to cops on a loud speaker outside of your house, and then immediatly going outside to guns pointed at you and them yelling to put your hands above your head, then being handcuffed and put in the back of a cop car, (never being in cuffs in your life before that) it wasn't untill all of that taking place that they then told me what was going on, and then I was still confused because it never happened. And then to add insult to injury a false article was published in my local paper. So think about going through all of that yourself and then let me know if you would consider yourself a victim or not. As Oregonmommy says: Poorly edited articles and inaccurate storytelling...the new motto of NR. And as for Doug, no he shouldn't have ran from the police but he did and can't change it now, we had no idea of his warrant either...but I think people are kind of loosing focus on why a second article was written, the news register re wrote this article and publicly apologized because they know they were in the wrong and even said they knew better, but they didn't do it single handedly, the Mac PD also did not correctly do their job. Instead of sitting around and being sad and mad and everything else about this I took action and demanded they fix it, which was not an easy feat, but I wasn't going to give up since neither Doug or myself did what they were accusing. I just keep hoping to wake up from this nightmare but unfortunatly its reality and there are people that in this world that only care about themselves, don't let them kick you when you are down. I didn't know how powerful my voice could be until I was put in this situation, thanks for reading.


After 3 hours, the police started calling them out by bullhorn. Kersha and her friend came out after a few minutes. They hadn't been calling them for 3 hours. During this time, the police had found out that the caller had called from Sherwood and had Sherwood police looking for him. By the time they started calling the women out, the police had found Doug and caught him after he ran into a pole while trying to escape.

While I can't understand why Kersha and her friend were put into handcuffs and placed in the back of a police car, I don't see anything wrong with what the police did or what the paper published. Doug was, in fact, the suspect at first. It was understandably assumed that he was holding those women hostage. Based on his earlier tirade at my children and I and based on the caller's statements...which we now know were lies..but the police have to take the threat seriously. It turns out that Kersha's friend had a jealous boyfriend and he's the one who called the police. In the end, Doug had nothing to do with the late night incident...but he is certainly not the victim he makes himself out to be. The police did not go and search him out because of his warrant...they searched him out because he was the suspect. My family has also had to call the police on him numerous times for other issues.

This whole event has affected my family tremendously. My 9yr old son has nightmares and can't stop talking about it. My developmentally disabled sister (whose apt we hid in) has nightmares and doesn't want to be home alone now. I hope the caller gets in some serious trouble for what he put us through. Thank you for letting me set the record straight.


Christen, none of that first part has anything to do with this article and i heard the whole thing and know he didn't say he was going to "smack the shit out of you". So im not really sure what you are trying to accomplish by your irrelevant story at the beginning but its pretty rediculous. You and whoever else can say or think whatever you would like, im done commenting and being drawn into this, which I shouldn't have been a part of to begin with.


And the Captain of the Mac PD personally told me that the whole first article was incorrect and Doug was never a suspect.


One more thing...Kersha has stated that thing whole thing didn't even last 2 family was evacuated just before 1AM and we weren't allowed to go home until they searched her house...which was at 4AM. The police then spent approximately another half an hour or so talking to her and her friend and myself. They didn't leave until 4:30AM.

Kersha also stated that she slept thru the whole thing. We didn't have that luxury. While I will say that I know what happened to her was extremely traumatic, the police were there TO HELP HER! They were there to save her life. They were told that Doug was threatening to shoot her! I can't help but see their side. I saw everything that went on. From when the first officers showed up until the women came out of the house. I just don't see how the police did anything wrong. When they handcuffed her and her friend, I'm sure it was for safety measures...although that doesn't seem necessary to me, I'm sure they had their reasons.



Kersha, let me ask you this...if you heard the whole thing, why didn't you stop him? You're lying...plain and simple. I don't understand why. You told me you only heard the end of what he said. Which is the truth? I know what he said and all of my children heard him say it. They were listening.

I don't understand why you're mad at me for what I've said here...every word is the truth and in every conversation we've had concerning this incident, you've agreed with me. The police had every reason to think Doug was threatening to shoot you with a shotgun...which makes him a suspect. I think you should be more grateful that they came to save your life...even tho it turned out that it didn't need saving.



The reason I told the whole story was to let everyone know why the police had every reason to believe it was Doug in the house. He was highly intoxicated, combative, threatening, and removed from the property earlier in the day...then they get the call at night stating that he had a shotgun and was threatening to shoot Kersha.

And to clear something up...I never said that he said he was 'going' to smack the sh*t out of me...if you read what I wrote, it says that he stated "I should smack the sh*t outta you". There's a difference.



"handcuffs and placed in the back of a police car"

Because it is policy when something like this is done. They just don't walk up relaxed or instantly say false alarm - it doesn't work that way.. that is how people get killed - and they most certainly don't want people wondering off while investigating. Pride might be hurt by being in handcuffs, but it beats being dead and although you might have a hard time understanding the police. Remember they don't know you. They have a call and they have to respect it and it might not seem like it, but it was for your safety and theirs to handle each situation with caution like that. Please remember a gun was reported.

I'm sure there are plenty of lessons many can get from all of this. Friends, acquantices, reponsability. so maybe focus more on improving some of those and move on.


skull crusher

Nice story News Register. NOT!

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