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Police consider runaway to be endangered

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I sure hope and pray they find her. Anybody who has ever raised teenagers (or been a teenager) knows how tough it can be.
Any chance the NR could post a picture?


unfortunately, if someone really doesn't want to be found, they can easily hide, especially if they don't use credit cards or carry a traceable cell phone....if this man is helping her, well, it's going to be even harder. Teens often seek help or return home when they realize they don't have $ to eat or are scared because they have to live on the street, but if they find someone to help them with cash or "protection" they are harder to sad that teens who do have parents who love them and protect them don't realize that they are only trying to do just that, love and protect them.

COME HOME KERI, your loved ones don't deserve the pain from having to worry this way and you could be in danger - these older men who take advantage of young girls want something in return - and it's usually not a good thing....

Call me John

tell a teen that their loved ones "don't deserve the pain" and they might just decide to take longer to come back - why do teens think this way? why must everything be so easy and so hard at the same time?

so easy to run away from home and so hard to follow the rules of your house for example?

I hope she comes back home safely and the person she is allegedly with isn't some phsycho

Dances with Redwoods

She's been found safe in Montana.

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