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Plan calls for borrowing $16 million for bypass

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Wouldn't it be great to put this project up for a vote? It gets kind of scary when politicians start endorsing projects with other people's money. Especially when the project is three times more costly than the largest ODOT project in history. The political goal is to reach the "no turning back phase" that leaves everyone on the hook for the cost regardless of the value of the project.

Michael Tubbs Sr

" Wouldn't it be great to put this project up for a vote?"

What, and risk allowing democracy get in the way of progress?


What an embarrassment! this whole mess started when i was a senior in high school in 1985....what a waste of money! This the perfect example of the incompetence of our county /state leaders to make a decision, create logical plans and use the finances of their consituants wisely.....I am flabergasted of the stupidity and crap this whole situation has revealed yet many involved STILL have their tidy little govt. jobs......hmmm. Oregonians we need to get a clue and start kicking some butts out of their chairs and make them get real jobs. Lets put competent REAL leaders in our county leadership roles and get the sanity back!


Isn't it interesting that there can be meetings after meetings about the Newberg-Dundee Bypass while the potholes grow on 99W between McMinnville and Newberg. And, the Yamhill County potholes and roads deteriorate while the "leaders" discuss the largest ODOT project in history that is not affordable. They are gladly discussing siphoning money from basic projects to maintain momentum for a two lane road that dumps the traffic into Newberg. It will be a dangerous section with high volume truck traffic worse than the "slab" to the coast.


Here's a better solution:

1. Widen 99W through Dundee. It'll connect the existing four-lane stretches north and south of town.

2. Widen 18 from Cruickshank Road to 99W. Land is already owned by ODOT. The most expensive part of that will be redoing the 18/221 interchange in Dayton and a bridge over the Yamhill River.

3. Then connect the two segments from McDougall's Corner to Archery Summit Road.

4. Start buying up right-of-way for a "bypass" that would follow Riverwood Road east to the Willamette River, a site for a new bridge, and then a new road that would be about 1.5 miles to connect to Oregon 219. Then use 219 to McKay Road, Yergen Road and Ehlen Road to I-5.

That combination would be able to be done in phases, funded in a more responsible manner, and the total cost would be far less than the absolutely unnecessary and costly Newberg-Dundee Bypass. We taxpayers didn't spend millions rebuilding 99W through Newberg for nothing...and Dundee doesn't need a bypass, just a regular five lane road. And given that there's virtually NO development between current 99W and the W&P Railroad tracks - the few businesses can be easily relocated, and Dundee would get a new Fire Station and Public Works Building.

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