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Pit bull was not leashed nor contained

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I'm not going to debate the issue of "dangerous dog breeds" here. I think the real issue is keeping dogs on leashes or under control. I feel bad for the women involved and the dog that was injured. In fact, I know Celeste, I worked with her a few years ago. I can't believe the News Register has done two stories on this and still can't get her age right. She's 45, not 25. And I hope both she, her dog, and Ms. McCommons get well soon. I live in another area of McMinnville and find it hard to walk my dog at times because unleashed dogs get out of their yards and try to go after my dog. I hope dog owners will be reminded that it's our responsibility to our four-legged friends to keep them safe and others safe as well.

Paul Daquilante

opinionomine . . .

Thank you for pointing out the error regarding Celeste Burnham's age. She is 45. Born 9-14-1966.

Paul Daquilante,

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