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Pit bull spray-painted, then dumped

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Facebook? What's the matter with calling the police? What's happened to our society? It's bad enough we have sick individuals roaming around among us who do these horrible acts.


Amen to that Working! If they ever find that ass, spray paint them and leave them tied to a tree in a remote location.


There have been several previous incidents of depravity toward animals in this county. The justice system NEVER imposes harsher penalties on these twisted, perverted freaks. After an impotent slap on the wrist, these thugs walk away with smirks on their faces. Their stupid families back them up. They are sociopaths; they're fire starters, bed wetters and torturers. They are future pedophiles. They are incurable. Their very existence makes me believe in vigilante justice because no one else--I'm referring to judges--will step up to the plate.


Well said Lulu!!


I agree Lulu

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