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Pickets come down; steelworkers, mill still negotiating

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Well that's an odd development. The union gives up its biggest bargaining chip for what? I sure hope this means they're close to having a fully recommended offer from the bargaining committee.


Seriously, they could have done this the whole time...


Just shows weakness maybe the employees should set up a strike fund to actual survive for more then a week without a pay check if they really want to prove a point


Well, I'm glad to they are back to work, but, pray tell, what are we going to talk about around here now? We haven't had this much excitement here on the discussion boards since the Mary Stern vs Mary Starrett days.


I wonder if people started crossing the picket line since feeding your family is kind of important. Does the union really not have a strike fund? If they don't it makes it that much easier for the company to wait them out, knowing employees will eventually have to make a choice between going back to work, find another job, or hold a picket while you try to figure out how to keep the lights on.


I have a pretty good feeling with what it took to pull in and out of there, nobody crossed. It's good they all went back to work


no additional members crossed, we were told that the issues left to be resolved did not require us to remain on the picket line and could therefore be resolved in negotiation. Let us hope this is true and that this strike is truly done. Thanks for the challenging comments and questions I have learned much since this strike began.

peace to you all and God Bless


re: MFOX
There is no weakness on the steelworkers part. You should brush up on what constitutes NLRB charges and what it means if you stray from the guidelines of those charges. OP91 gave you the account of why. This is that cooperation and fair bargaining thing everbody seems to think is not happening. When the company put the good foot forward ; this is what happens. It is easy to tell someone what they are doing wrong, but following the same advice is usually difficult for the one giving it. There are alot of armchair quarterbacks out there. Hey good for you CASCADE STEEL. Lets get this contract behind us and makes some ^%@*^$ steel.


They do have a strike fund every day or week not sure which one. The union puts 200 dollars per person into a fund and a committee decides which family needs the money more... And from what I heard 3 people scabbed in.. 2 guys the first day and then 1 guy yesterday...

Michael Tubbs Sr

" We haven't had this much excitement here on the discussion boards since the Mary Stern vs Mary Starrett days."


How 'bout the time Carl Dubois got buried under a sea of soiled boxers during the big Linfield vs LSU match up?

I'm think'n that one had to be the one that broke the click counters back. I don't believe the counter has worked since. Has it, Jeb?


Forgotton can't wait to hear all the details of this great new contract you think you have achieved by your strong stance towards management. Your first attempt at a strike was a joke and you couldn't stay out more then a week and a half on your second and you didn't even get a deal. Management is laughing all day long at you


Re. Mfox
As funny as I find your condescending attitude. The point being is, it is not a matter of how long you stay out; but that you get movement from the table. But I'm sure you know (no you don't). If they are laughing that is fine too. It shows caliber of those who are really the driving force behind america. I won't give anymore analogies because frankly I don't feel that analytically you can absorb them. Anyways; its seems if an unintelligible person can rant about unthought out ideas about a serious situation. I am done reading the concerns.

I appreciate those of you with the constructive criticism, but for the rest you need a life.

goodbye all


Giving up again huh


Wow, even on the NewsRegister boards... lame troll is lame.

In other news, glad to hear that Cascade Steel and Schnitzer were able to finally meet head to head in fair talks with the Union. Now that real progress is being made, there is no reason to strike. It wasn't a strike about a specific line item on the contract, it was about unfair labor practices; specifically not meeting at the negotiating table in good faith. Once everyone was getting something out of the negotiations, the Unfair Practices Claim became a non-issue, there for the strike became unnecessary.

If that still doesn't make sense to you, feel free to continue commenting, I'll keep trying to explain the civility of business practices in this instance as best I can.

For everyone who understands what has transpired and what a blessing and awesome turn of events this has been, thank you!


In other news when do we get to hear about all these increases and improved work conditions you are dreaming of getting. The only blessing and awesome event is you are getting your paycheck again

Michael Tubbs Sr

Any consideration applied to the idea of turning Cascade Steel into a prison industry by entering into a partnership with the Oregon Department of Corrections?

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