By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

PETCO funds dog park lighting

The dog park closes at dark, which comes as early as 4:30 or 5 o’clock in November and December, leaving people who work during the day unable to take their pets to the park for a walk in the evenings, he said. But he said the PETCO Foundation has agreed to cover the estimated $18,000 cost of installing lighting.

On Tuesday, district manager Doug Moehlman and local store manager Rick Fleming attended the council meeting to present the city with a check. Pearson said the amount was based on an estimate the city obtained from a local electrical contractor late last year.

The lighting will be turned on from 4:30 to 8 p.m. during the late fall and early spring, allowing the dog park to remain open during the evening hours.

Pearson told the council that Moehlman, who lives in McMinnville, had seen the project listed with others on the dog park Facebook page, and contacted him to suggest the city apply for a foundation grant.

The city will select lighting fixtures that “will provide adequate, yet low-level brightness, directed within the dog park only,” to minimize impact on neighbors, Pearson told the council in a memo. He said the city hopes to buy LED fixtures, to keep operating costs as low as possible.

The city hopes to install the new lights this summer, so they can be available in the fall.

“Rick and I have been looking for some local projects to get PETCO more involved here in town, and this seemed right up our alley,” Moehlman told the council. “We work to further the bond between humans and animals.”

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