By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Perse presses landfill issue

“The copy reads as if Waste Not wrote it for them,” Perse said, referring to the group leading the fight. She shared it as part of a pitch aimed at enlisting city council support for the cause.

In its annual goal-setting session earlier this year, the council made educating itself about the landfill and injecting itself into the debate one of its goals for the year. And it proceeded to give the county board of commissioners official notice of its growing interest.

Perse said she wanted to thank the council. She said she also wanted to lend a hand with the educational process by sharing some of the company’s own words from the ad.

At the time — 1987 — Waste Management was trying to thwart state Department of Environmental Quality approval for a new landfill in Washington County. The Texas-based firm maintained it made more sense to simply truck that waste to a major new landfill it had aquired on Oregon’s dry side — Arlington.

“Low rainfall east of the Cascade Mountains reduces the likelihood of surface water mixing with garbage to produce leachate, a contaminant which could pollute subsurface groundwater,” it said in the ad. “Trying to site a landfill on wet land areas with neighbors nearby is just asking for trouble.”

Two other people also rose to express opposition to Riverbend’s proposed expansion. Mayor Rick Olson assured them the council plans to hold public hearings on the issue later this year.

In other business, the council:

n Approved a contract with Kauer Farms allowing it to continue tilling about 275 acres of city land by the airport. Leasing the land relieves the city of maintenance expense and responsibility, City Engineer Mike Bisset told the council.

n Re-approved an amendment removing the sunset clause from an ordinance regulating second-hand merchandise, to clear up a housekeeping issue.

n Awarded a contract to Tribeca Transport LLC to spread bio-solids from the city sewage treatment plant onto local farm fields, mostly planted to grass seed. Bisset told the council Tribeca holds the current contract and the city has been pleased with its work.

n Authorized Olson to sign an agreement with the state Transportation Infrastructure Bank, outlining the general terms of a loan providing local match money for the Newberg-Dundee Bypass.

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