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Parents, students plead to keep teacher

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Ms Russell--I believe we can agree how some doctors are better than others; ditto for plumbers, landscapers, secretaries, CEOs, police officers,and so on. Regardless how much you extol each individual teacher in this school district, I maintain, with respect, you are dead wrong. A very few instructors have a magic surrounding them--they're the ones who inspire previously discouraged young people. No one learns fascination in any boring education course--you have it or you don't. All of us share some miserable memories of truly dull, stagnant teachers--those who possess neither interest nor patience, or the burnt-out cases stubbornly hanging around, dull and crabby, until retirement. Mr. Kimura obviously represents one of the handful of exceptional teachers I mentioned. He will never be interchangeable with somebody of lesser ability. Columbus Elementary School parents and students should prevail. Were I the principal there, I would not go gentle with your decision.


Time for these kids and their parents to learn that life is full of changes. Some changes we like...some we don't.
Cave in to them now on something this minor and 15 years from now they will grow up to be like the spoiled snowflakes who have recently been in the news throwing temper tantrums up at Evergreen College in Olympia.
If you haven't heard about Evergreen, it's worth the google search just to see what can happen when we pamper kids too much.


And dang it Lulu, just when I start to think you and I are kindred spirits you throw a curve like this. What on earth are you thinking??


Yes, Joel2828, your very thought crossed fleetingly through my mind. In truth, some teachers actually stink at their jobs--far less damage would result if, instead, they chose working around machines or similar inanimate objects that never have to remember excruciating episodes--unfortunately,removing this dead wood continues to be dicey.
Plus, I agree: Evergreen College students act spoiled and deserving. Wait till they must participate in the actual world.

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