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Panel weighs set of transit bids

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troy prouty

Personally I don't like "For profit" agencies involved in transportation, and Utility, and recreation I think the public loses on those things. Then often involve services and fee's directed more towards upper management (salaries) and less about public services. Even if cost is about the same the quality generally will go down to compensate someone at the time, or if it is to be maintained at a higher cost to compensate someone at the top.

At the same time, I think YCAP could be better in a lot of areas. I'm not sure they need replaced, just taught in certain areas in order to grow.

Troy Prouty*


I like that fact that this county has bus systems and helps alot of people out for jobs ect... I hope that they fix bus schudels so that others can work early and sometimes late.


They won't add late afternoons and Saturday back.
This article said they will cut some more service when the new provider takes over. Since Ycap expanded service it was awesome. Service until 9pm six days a week. I went to a party at the community center and rode the bus home at 9pm then! We need at least routes one, two, and three running six days a week. McMinnville is very boring on Saturday. I was hoping i could ride a bus to bowling on Saturday morning with Special Olympics, but now i have to pay someone for a ride at 9:30 AM. :(

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