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Pair balk at return of seized dogs

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The best interest of the dogs? Get real! This has nothing to do with the best interest of the dogs! It is completely deplorable that the DA feels it is okay to put the safety and health of these dogs at risk. I challenge him to go live in the house with Ms. Croan for a week and see what he has to say then. As a long time Yamhill County residence, I am completely ashamed of our judicial system. Rather than doing what was right, our DA chose to do what was easy. I can guarantee you that this is not the last time these dogs will be taken from her. Hopefully then, something can actually be done for the best interest of these dogs.


I believe pleas bargains to be the single worst travesty to hit our justice system, this, yet again proves that they benefit only the criminal, never, EVER the victim.


This story really does not even begin to tell you the truth about this case, as the foster mom to 4 of these dogs I am horrified!! Our DA dropped the ball on this case and I would like to know why!?!?!
If you were to see the photos and video tape you would be appalled at what these dogs had to go back to.
First of all, this is the first case in approximately 12 yrs that the county has ever given back animals to anyone, let alone to someone who plead guilty. So now this case has set a precedence for future animal criminals in our county to get their animals back, this is bad for our community and the Animal Control officers who fight so hard for the animals rights.
Ms. Croan is an elderly women (late 70's) who can hardly take care of herself let alone 5 high maintenance english bulldogs needs. These poor dogs spent a MONTH at a local animal hospital before they could even come in to foster care!! She is a repeat offender in several counties that has never been held accountable for what she has done! She is a "breeder" (backyard) and the DA allowed the dogs to go back to her INTACT!! One of the dogs she got back was just diagnosed with terminal high grade lymphoma and was given 30 to 50 days to live and he had to go back there to live out his days and die in horrible conditions. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE IN THIS CASE!?!?!


who is the DA? Jack? hmmmm, doesn't sound like him.

Michael Tubbs Sr

The handling of this case is about as troubling as the one about the young deer that was removed from a caring environment, castrated, antlers sawed-off, and then placed within a herd of fenced-in Elk to live-out the remainder of it's life. Sad but true.

I feel as sad for these dogs, as I felt for that deer.

Reporter Starla Pointer

As to sistersilvercloud's question, Brad Berry is the district attorney. Jack Crabtree is the sheriff.

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