By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Ounce of prevention buys pound of cure

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Don Dix

Mike Bisset, "It's really frustrating for us to put down new pavement and then have a utility come along and cut it."

I realize Mike hasn't been here that long, but really? Is there a street in this city that hasn't been cut across for a forgotten utility at some point? Is there ever any discussion about future needs when paving is about to occur? Maybe a little planning and foresight would help.

And to say 'the right street at the right time' (needing attention) does not represent the city's history of street repair. My area was torn up and repaved, to which most neighbors agreed 'for no apparent reason'. That work was much more needed in other areas.

So the city wants us to believe they have a master plan, but the questionable paving decisions (and cutting across here and there) do not support that premise.

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