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OSP trooper honored

Kowing, 25, who has worked for OSP for four years, recently transferred from the Newport office to the McMinnville office. The incident took place July 4 in Newport.

Newport police received a report of a man who told a friend he planned to jump to his death from the Yaquina Bay Bridge.

Police located the man’s vehicle and attempted to stop it. The subject tried to elude officers in heavy holiday traffic, causing them to back off.

The vehicle was spotted turning around in Waldport and heading back toward Newport. Kowing monitored radio traffic and positioned his patrol vehicle near the bridge to discourage the man from trying to access the span.

After the man passed by, Kowing fell in behind him and followed him across the bridge. There, the man suddenly slammed on his brakes, causing the OSP patrol vehicle to rear-end him.

The man got out and ran for the bridge railing, with Kowing in pursuit. As the man reached the railing, Kowing grabbed his waist and pulled him back, preventing him from falling more than 100 feet to the water below.

The man fought with Kowing before eventually being restrained with the help of Newport police officers.

“Adam’s quick and selfless reaction during a life-threatening situation ultimately saved this man’s life and is a testament to the measure and strength of his character,” Evans said.

The award is named after Lt. Harold R.Berg, who died on May 10, 1975. While off duty, he attempted to save a Boy Scout missing at Cape Lookout State Park and was washed out to sea.

The award is given to OSP employees who distinguish themselves by reacting to an emergency situation in a way that reduces or eliminates an imminent risk of serious injury or loss of life.

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