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Oregon police will accept Mexican consular cards

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“Right now, too many Oregonians are travelling from home to work, or school, or church, in risk of violating the law,” the governor wrote.

THEY ARE NOT OREGONIANS! If they are here illegally they are not an Oregonian. If they are driving illegally, they are doing so without insurance. Americans have to pay for insurance. I have to pay $81.00 every month for insurance if I want the PRIVLEDGE to drive, as well as registering my vehicles at $86.00 each.
This card does not force them to get insurance, all it does is provide an ID, which is USELESS in the event of an accident, because they HAVE NO INSURANCE!!! I really despise those who break the rules. I have followed them faithfully, I paid for my drivers permit, I paid for my license, I have paid faithfully to my insurance carrier for the last... 16 plus years (over 5,000$ that could have gone towards my kids college fund or our first house), and I respect that I am behind the wheel of vehicle capable of killing someone instantly. Those who refuse to get a license, have had it revoked, or those who are ineligible due to immigration status yet INSIST on driving should have any and all wages diverted for a year to cover some of the costs that others have put forth for many, many years or it should be diverted to help lower the costs on us that must pay for the registration. By obtaining insurance we are accepting of our actions behind the wheel, yet we are at the mercy of those who do not have it.
If you do not have a license, DO NOT DRIVE- quit breaking our laws! Take a bus, tram, taxi, walk, bike, moto scoot.

Who is paying for the equipment to produce these new cards? The ink to print them with, or plastic, or whatever? Do these come directly from their own country or do we now employ a whole new division of people to supply these cards? How much in wages are they getting, benefits?

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