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Oregon overpaid $41M in 2011 jobless benefits

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I get that in some cases it was a mistake, but you still have to pay back what you were not due - maybe a reasonable payment plan would help. I mean, if you overpaid on your credit card for example, like both you and your spouse sent in a payment, wouldn't you expect them to pay you back even if it was your mistake?

And for fraud, well, I say if it was intentional, go after them with everything the law will allow, it's not fair to cheat the system and ruit it for others who really need it.

Many people don't know how unemployment works - they think they have paid into it and while we contribute a bit in unemployment tax, it is mostly paid by employers, and it is not an "insurance" in the traditional sense - you are not "entitled" to it just because you are unemployed - you still have to be able, available and actively seeking work....

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