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Oregon moves to ban smoking on beaches

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Welcome to the nanny state of Oregon. There goes one more vacation option, as well as spending money in their local shops. I have an idea: why doesn't the government either make tobacco entirely illegal - and stop taking the taxes - or stop harassing adults who use a legal product.


Too many laws. From the moment you wake up until you go to sleep at night it is entirely possible that you are going to break at least one law. Pass this, pass that. Oregon is the worst of the worst for nanny stateism.


It's okay to drive, spill oil, and spew exhaust on the beach, but heaven forbid someone should smoke. Enough already.

signed, an ex-smoker who still believes that if it's legal it shouldn't be regulated to death.

Just Saying

I smoke. I also respect the rights of others who do not. I am in favor of banning smoking on Oregon's beaches.

Don Dix

Our government ( at all levels ) is addicted to money. Fines, fees, licenses, regulations, taxes, etc., are it's lifeblood. And there is a never-ending quest for angles and avenues to feed the beast.

A ban on smoking at the beach will likely include a need to raise the cigarette tax, to pay for enforcement and all. Of course, that would effectively grow government a little more, the underlying, primary goal in the 'shell game' we have representing us.


Smoke in private. It stinks. It kills. I wish it were illegal as there is no benefit to smoking tobacco.


New York and New Jersey have, or will have, no smoking beaches and parks: A new bill passed by the New Jersey Senate will prohibit smoking at beaches and public parks.

The bill is similar to current legislation in New York City, where smoking is also prohibited in shared public spaces. Violators of the ban will face hefty minimum fines of $250 if they are caught smoking in the newly restricted areas.

While the new law may seem extreme to some, smokers won't be completely shut out of their day-time nicotine fixes. After a recent amendment, the bill now allows for 20 percent of a beach or park to be designated as a smoking area.


As a considerate ex smoker, this has been brought on by the inconsiderate smokers, that throw their butts all over the beach and into the ocean. If you want to see a good example, stop by the bus stop at the courthouse. There are trash receptacles and ash trays available, but they won't stand up and walk 5 feet instead there are hundreds of cigarette butts all over the ground!!!

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