Oregon governor cites Florida shooting in local gun control

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SALEM — Oregon's governor, backing gun-control legislation on Tuesday before a panel of state senators, said anguished voices in the wake of the school shooting in Florida must be heard.

Gov. Kate Brown appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee to support a bill that would expand a ban on the purchase or possession of firearms or ammunition by people convicted of stalking and domestic violence or with restraining orders.

Opponents say it would violate Second Amendment protections on the right to bear arms.

“Gun violence must end,” said Brown, a Democrat. “We hear the anguished voices of families fresh with grief from this latest school shooting, joining with families from across the nation and here in Oregon who've lost loved ones from gun violence. They call on us to take action.”

A group of students who survived the Feb. 14 shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, that claimed 17 lives traveled on Tuesday to Florida's state capital to pressure lawmakers to pass gun control laws. Brown said that call should resonate across the nation, including Oregon.

“We are hearing a call for action from the very high school students who ran for their lives a week ago,” Brown said.

The Oregon bill was approved by the state House 37-23 on Feb. 15. Rep. Knute Buehler, who is running for governor in the 2018 elections, was among two Republicans who supported the bill.

“I think survivors of domestic violence shouldn't have to live in fear that their abusers can obtain a firearm,” Buehler said.

The bill adds to the list of those who could be barred from ownership after a conviction, add to the list of those who could be barred after a receiving a restraining order, and adds stalking as a qualifying crime. Supporters said the bill would close a loophole in a 2015 law that allows some abusers, such as boyfriends who abuse partners they don't live with, to be excluded.

The proposal is now being considered by the Oregon Senate.


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Good for the Oregon legislature and Gov. Brown.


I wonder if any of the mass shooters have had restraining orders in place, or if they were convicted domestic violence felons.

I somehow highly doubt it.


Kate Brown is a parasite of liberty. If it were not for a quarter million dollars from Bloomberg, she might not be governor today. Neither does Buehler deserve to win. The bill which was passed this week is a worse insult to due process than the one on which it builds. All who voted for it have violated their oath of office, and should feel shame.

Don Dix

A politician feeling shame? -- so far, not in this lifetime!


Ban the assault rifle, bump stocks and high-capacity magazines and close the gun show loophole.


There is no gun show “loophole” in Oregon, despite what the liberal left tells you.

Bump stocks? Meh.

Assault rifles have been banned since the 80’s without a class III license, which are exceptionally time consuming, expensive, and just an overall pain to obtain.

If you mean banning semiautomatic rifles, fat chance on that.

High cap magazines? It’ll just mean more compact firearms being produced and those with larger rounds if they are banned. And someone would have to decide what arbitrary number makes one magazine more lethal than the next.

The first step begins with learning facts, not emotional reactions.


Why can't Oregon elect decent governors with integrity as it did not so long ago? Brown represents simply another embarrassment to the state.

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