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Ore. task force looks for alternatives to fuel tax

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Stop pioneering new stretches of highways and road until we can properly maintain what's already in use.


Dear Oregon State Government, Here is a novel idea: Instead of brainstorming up these draconian ways to suck more taxes out of us how about spending your energy and time figuring out ways to STOP SPENDING SO MUCH.


" drivers can avoid charges for driving out of state...."

How about all those out of state vehicles being driving in state, the truckers and especially the tourists? Will they be exempted from paying any possible 'wear & tear' tax based on mileage?

If so, why?

Just curious, what are the ODOT numbers on estimated miles being driven by out of state drivers (of all sorts) throughout Oregon?


"The pilot program is part of a bigger plan by a state task force looking for alternatives... ."

An alternative to how citations issued for speeding may evolve through data cleaned from such a device. Reference points might be used to gauge the travel speed of vehicles through certain corridors. Another alternative may help to keep track of who's vehicle is traveling to and from various points of interest to law enforcement agencies.

Would the state be allowed to sell any of the information gleaned from such data to non-governmental parties, such as casino's perhaps, so as to aid them in targeting advertising?

Don Dix

On the one hand, the state has enthusiastically encouraged citizens to conserve energy, including gas -- go electric, or at least drive higher mileage vehicles. It should be fairly obvious that type of encouragement could result in less bulk sales of gas -- except to the Einstein's in our legislature, and ODOT who promoted and testified to raising the tax.

On the other hand, during the vetting process, these two 'thinktanks' made all sorts of promises of repairs and new construction all over the state, including the Dunberg Bypass, if they could just raise that gas tax. But just 17 months later, it just won't be enough, partially because some people took the advice (of the one hand) to conserve, so gas sales are down. Really? That's the argument to implement 'another tax'? How does Oregon end up with such a bunch of boobs?

Quite frankly, none of these nimrods should be allowed out without proper supervision -- and decidedly not in charge of Oregon's future!


Our spending comes from the privatized federal reserve, every dollar loaned to the US by the federal reserve is owed back. If you ever allow the issuance of currency to be controlled by a private central bank, we will wake up on the land our fathers conquered homeless, and hungry.

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