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Ore. detectives find remains of stolen bronze deer

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Good. Now let's hope the owner can get a new statue from the proceeds of the sale of the tweaker's house or stuff.

Michael Tubbs Sr

Stories with morals behind them often make the best stories, I believe.

Bronze one hand like a daddy would a baby shoe, and he'll have at least one story worth sharing with the grand kids.


Thieves, when do we just start cutting them off at the wrist?

Richard Wheeler

"Thieves, when do we just start cutting them off at the wrist?"

They do, in a place called Iran.

The man hasn't even been convicted and we're selling off belongings and body parts?

The seven sentences above is not enough evidence for me to convict on. Should he be found guilty in a court of law, I hope the sentence fair, and the he able to get the help needed. IMHO

Michael Tubbs Sr

Richard, I don't believe anyone was advocating for lynching Mr Ferguson, of course, he'd have to first actually be convicted of possession of the poached body parts found on his property.


when he's convicted, go hard on him - thieves need to start learning that they too, like the rest of us, should have to work for a living.


He was being arrested for an early morning robbery, and while doing so the stolen dear was found, cut in to pieces, ready for sale, allegedly.

Get the help he needs? What exact type of help do you suggest for someone who is found guilty of robbery, and is in possession of stolen property? Thieves anonymous? TAS (Thieves against stealing)?

If found guilty he will go to jail for a minute and be released to do it all over again.

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