By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

One plane sold, another listed

A vintage plane from the earliest days of commercial flight has been sold by Evergreen Holdings from a collection on display at the Evergreen Aviation Museum.

The meticulously restored 1928 Ford Tri-Motor passenger liner, known in its day at the “tin goose,” is one of only 12 still in existence. The sales price was not disclosed, but the asking price was $1.75 million.

The sale was reported by Courtesy Aircraft Sales.

Evergreen Holdings also has another plane for sale from the collection — a Grumman TBM-3 torpedo bomber from World War II. The asking price is $250,000.

This week, another firm from the for-profit side of the Evergreen family, Evergreen Vintage Aircraft, put a third plane on the block — a 1945 Lockheed P-38L Lightning. It listed the fighter plane with Platinum Air Sales at an asking price of $6.7 million.

Evergreen Vintage Aircraft owns several of the museum’s World War II era fighters and bombers. It also owns 30 acres of the museum site.

Although it is not part of the bankruptcy petition filed on New Year’s Eve by Evergreen International Aviation and several of its for-profit affiliates and subsidiaries, Vintage Aircraft has been the subject of several lien filings.

Meanwhile, a petition filed in the Eastern District of New York, in an effort to force Evergreen International Airlines into involuntary bankruptcy, has been dismissed in light of the company’s subsequent filing for voluntary bankruptcy in Delaware. A federal judge there has agreed to consolidate cases involving seven different Evergreen entities at the request of court-appointed bankruptcy trustee Alfred Giuliano.

Guiliano is reportedly planning to list the company’s former headquarters site on Highway 18, across from the nonprofit museum complex, to help pay off debts.

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